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Vijana Twaweza Set Example – Western Youth Communique

Vijana Twaweza Set Example

Conference Communique


Just over 100 youth leaders from the four counties of Western Region have met here at Kima International School of Theology from 25th – 26th October 2021 for the Western Vijana Twaweza! Youth Conference guided by the theme “Wholesome Youth for a Wholesome Society (1 Timothy 4: 12)”.

Don’t let anyone look down you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

The leaders recognized that God expects youth to set good examples for the other members of the society in every aspect of life despite the shortcomings and challenges they face. This behoves on the youth to set themselves to proactively and effectively provide solutions to the society.

1. Ready to Take Position

During this Western Region Vijana Twaweza Youth Conference, the youth leaders recognized that the older members of society, who are less than 30 per cent of the population, control more than 95 per cent of resources and decision making processes. This has led to a high level of disillusionment among the youth, which is propelled by extreme poverty, unemployment and poor social services. Uncontrolled corruption perpetrated by elected and appointed leaders has made the situation worse, leading the youth to adopt destructive coping mechanism that include drug abuse, involvement in criminal activities, and sexual and gender based violence. This gloomy outlook must be changed, and we the youth are ready to take our position and change our story.

2. Shape the Leadership of our Nation

Over the decades, the youth have been suppressed with the cliché that “Youth are Leaders of Tomorrow”. We the Western Region Youth Leaders declare that the tomorrow has come, and now is the time for the youth to take up positions of responsibility and provide solutions to the nation.

In this regard, we have committed to mobilize our fellow youth register as voters, to join political parties and assume decision making positions, and to prepare to vie for elective posts during the 2022 General Elections.

3. County Youth Manifestos

Further to this, we the Western Region Youth Leaders have resolved to transform political narrative in our nation from personality-based politics to issue-based politics. We will achieve this through development of Manifestos at community, ward, constituency, county and national levels to set our aspirations and expectations of leaders elected at those levels. We will mobilize our fellow youths to develop sector and location specific manifestos and present the same to aspirants, and thereafter support those who have clear commitments to achieve our visions. At the county level, we have identified the following aspirations and demands:

Bungoma County

The Youth in Bungoma County will demand the following from all aspirants in the County:

  • Finalization of the Legislation of the Youth Policy, and attendant budgetary allocations
  • At least 50% of executive positions be allocated to the youth
  • Support for youth to establish companies and other business ventures
  • Reduction of tax imposed on youths who are in business
  • Establishment of factories to process the local produce

Busia County

The Youth in Busia County will demand the following from all aspirants in the County:

  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Establishment of more industries
  • Enhanced accountability by political leaders
  • Quality, affordable and sustainable health care
  • Civic education and lifestyle audits

Kakamega County

The Youth in Kakamega County will demand the following from all aspirants in the County:

  • Youth involvement in decision making
  • Job opportunities for the youth
  • Investment in sport
  • Peace and justice
  • Equal development across the county

Vihiga County

The Youth in Vihiga County will demand the following from all aspirants in the County:

  • Innovation of industries to create jobs for the youth
  • Rehabilitation and guidance and counselling centers to address drug abuse
  • Creation of markets for local produce
  • Youth involvement in decision making
  • Affordable health care and facilities to be fully stocked with medicine

4. Message to Fellow Youth

In the meantime, we the Western Region Youth Leaders encourage our fellow youths to embrace the exhortation made in 1 Peter 1: 13

Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self controlled; and set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.

Towards this, let each of us \seek to:

  1. Make right and informed decisions daily
  2. Build a positive attitude in life and refuse to fall into depression
  3. Identify ethical and effective leaders and apprentice ourselves to them to learn leadership skills
  4. Embrace new opportunities and grow in entrepreneurship to overcome poverty


Recognizing that the youth make up more than 70 per cent of the population of Kenya, we will not let this giant continue sleeping. We will not allow the youth to continue being used and dumped by political and other leaders at a whim. Instead, we will endeavour to assume leadership and decision making positions and provide solutions to issues facing the society.

We will always be strengthened by the word of God recorded in 1 Peter 2: 14

I write to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one.

May God bless Kenya, and may God bless and empower all the youth as we step out to overcome the challenges that face us.

Signed on this 26th day of October 2021 at Kima International School of Theology, Kima.

Dickson Yavusumba

Regional Youth Rep, NCCK Western Region

Mercy Ogwel

Regional Manager, NCCK Western Region

January 2022

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