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Zola Aduori Apinde



Zola Oduori Apinde of age 23 hails from Butere village Mumias subcounty and is from Nairobi county


I am an only child in our family. My both parents passed on at a very early age in my life. I got enrolled for the NCCK scholarship programme in the year 2010. I am currently a student at Kenyatta University taking a bachelor of Arts course in Economics and Pschology.


Joing high school for me was quite a difficult task. All my relatives had to come together and share the responsibility as best as they could so that they provide the necessary things that I neede to use in school. The first year was ine that was full of doubts because after each term ended, I would then stary wondering where fee for te next term would come from.

At school, necessities such as school shopping were not sufficient. The little money my relatives would get is what I was forced to use to get only the necessary things. At tomes I would really get intimidated with what other students would come to school with and this really distracted my mind. It was such a trying time in my life. The first year of high school ended by God’s grace.


In the year 2010, I met a woman through my grandmother who really changed my life. She is Jiyce from NCCK South Rift. She introduced me to the NCCK scholarship programme which was quite a relief to me. I was assured of a continued study programme until I get done with high school.

NCCK did not only help me through my secondary school education. It also guided me in spiritual matters. This was done through the constant follow ups they have been making on my life and in a very great way through a seminar they organized for us 2011. This helped me greatly as I was preparing myself to sit for my KCSE exams. The project has greatly changed me as a person and I will forever be thankful.


NCCK has totally changed my life. In terms of God’s word, it has helped me come closer to God. When it comes to education, am really grateful to God as I managed to get through high school and am reaching for greater heights in life. At school I serve as an example to many in the manner I conduct myself when it comes to studying. At home my relatives are proud of me for who I am. Despite of the successes and failures I have come across in my life NCCK has had a very big impact in my life \nd I hope to work even more with them to achieve the best results in life.


I have always dreamt of becoming a great person in this society. I have always wanted to stand out from the crowd and a difference in my life and those of others.

My biggest challenges have been becoming a parent while still in campus. I thank God for the gift of parenthood and I plan to work hard so as to provide all the best for my child so that he may also be someone who can be emulated in the society.

With all that, all I can say is THANK YOU TO NCCK.

January 2022

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