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Tonny Ndilinge


My name is Tonny Ndilinge a student at St. Joseph School Rapogi, 17 years old currently going to form four. I come from Muhuru Bay, Nyatike Su – County in Migori County.

I come from a humble family of a dad and two siblings.

My mother died back in 2011 when I was in class five then now had to be single parented. I enrolled in the N.C.C.K Scholarship Programme this year first term.

Prior to the intervention it was so much difficult to completely clear up my fees in time therefore, had to be sent home severally to collect fees. This truly made me miss a lot academically but since the scholarship programme made me one of its benefactor, it has been a very smooth year for me as I have covered a lot that I had not covered in the rest of the years.

At time I had to go home only to find my dad too stressed up, at such point I would not site to him what had brought me home to the point that I cried at times then he would be like already wiping my tears, so sad. Having learnt and being a good student of Bishop John Okinda who greatly supported me in my primary education, in form two term three my dad went back to him being that he too had passion in this man of God.

This was a few weeks later when he had lost his job to the point that he could not provide for our basic needs fully. A period came when there was no colgate and I had to adjust and brush using a twig, my worn out clothes could now be worn by my brother for future we had to survive. The bishop being the Deputy General Secretary for the N.C.C.K could not watch his former student suffer such a wrath so promised to help me again how grateful I am to him and the N.C.C.K as a whole impacting organization.

Being now fully scholared by the N.C.C.K, my life status has generally changed from my school life to home life. My dad is able to clearly manage his funds well since N.C.C.K has taken part in my fees. Am able to go for tuitions to recover the time I lost while in form one and two, by clothes and give those that I am oversized to the needy.

Am dreaming to be a landscape architecture and design a building worthful for the N.C.CK organization some few days to come and lift it to being an international spiritual team operating worldly. Truly a big dream for my guardian, N.C.C.K.

Currently the biggest challenge I have is in buying of text books of which I know god will intervene and help me manage it.

July 2024

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