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Simon Tumaina

Simon Tumaina


COUNTY;                   KAJIADO



Simon, an enthusiastic and ambitious young man, is the ninth in the family of Mr (late) and Mrs Tumaina who were blessed with twelve children. The family was deep into traditions of the local community as the way of life and strived to bequeath the children such a lifestyle-culture. Unfortunately, things have changed since, requiring people to embrace education as a pillar of individual, family, community and national development and prosperity. My elder siblings could not get this opportunity. This was due to poverty in the family forcing most of them to drop out of school in the early schooling years.

I completed my KCPE in 2007 and enrolled to Starehe Boys on 29/01/2008. Unfortunately, I could not secure a scholarship as I yearned for since the teachers in the primary school I was denied me the forms to fill but only allowed the ones they wanted to get the chance. The fee at the school was high and I almost left for a provisional school. NCCK sponsorship came effective in 2008 after interrogating my situation, and found that I was needy.


Reporting to high school on 19/01/2008, the future seemed blink. I wanted to get a sponsorship opportunity at the school which basically supported needy students. The director could not consider my story. I opted to transfer to another school which could be affordable but my brother convinced me to remain. During that time my parents were old and my brother did not have employment to meet my fee alongside his own family needs. After admission, I was allowed to settle as my brother sought the other fee balance. In the subsequent terms, I could be sent home for fees every often. Bishop Sororonyi of PEFA church, Sultan-Hamud, offered to assist me. This is how I got sponsored by NCCK.


The school fee was high, the sponsorship catered for 30-50% of the fees. Most of the time, I could even be given more than the sponsorship required to cover the huge fee balances in order to keep me in class. This really reduced the time when out of class. I found an opportunity and I became optimistic that I will complete my studies. In most of the holidays I was supported to attend conferences which really motivated me.


The sponsorship entailed empowerment economically, socially and spiritually. Economically in the sense that my fee could be paid in time and have more time to be in class for studies. I was also empowered spiritually since NCCK played a role in having me attend some of the conferences which involved a great deal of spiritual nourishment. I remembered attending Jumuia in Limuru to meet with administrators and sponsors, Machakos (lower eastern headquarters) and Kitale for the CU conference. I still remember Oliver Kisaka preaching to us. During our interactions we learned so much from each other. The officials were more like our parents. I could remember taking my termly reports to the office at Machakos where I meet Ms Consolatta and Ms Jennifer, and later Ms Sarah and Isaac Njoroge after they were changed. They guided me well. We were encouraged to be part of Christian Unions at school. This assisted me since I did not face any social difficulties especially at the university.

NCCK walked with me until I completed high school in 2011. I enrolled at the University of Nairobi in 20/05/2013 for a BSc Agribusiness Management. Due to the financial difficulties, I approached NCCK again for assistance and they offered to pay for my first year’s fee. Subsequently, I applied for HELB which funded my fee until I completed university. Alongside my degree, I have done other courses such as Certified Public Accountant-CPA. I am grateful for the opportunity God gave me through parents, NCCK and other contributors to my success. To ALL; your efforts were not in vain.


Recently, I have graduated and now I am seeking for employment. I look forward to get an opportunity to serve the country courtesy of my skills earned during the academic and work life. The past has been a fulcrum upon which I project the future. The future is promising. I yearn to pursue education further to the masters’ level as I do other things which support the society. There are still challenges especially getting the space to demonstrate your contributions to the society and getting funds to pay fees for further studies. I am currently trying to secure employment to be able to pay for myself, and yearning to be more involved at community level especially at church level to inspire others. I look forward to be part of my young brothers and sisters at NCCK at any capacity I will be able to engage at.

CONCLUSION; Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he, who has begun a good work in you, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”


Simon Tumaina


Other quotes from Simon

God gave us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well’– Voltaire

‘For tomorrow belongs to those that prepare for it today’- Malcolm X

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