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Press Statement


The Nandi County Coordinating Committee as part of the Religious Leaders of Kenya, have held a County Consultative Forum today Tuesday, 12th March 2024 at ACK St Barnabas Church Conference Hall in Kapsabet, Nandi County.  We reflected on Luke 4:18-19, “the Manifesto of Jesus Christ: to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

The stakeholders present who are largely the religious leaders in Nandi county have reflected on this in light of the modern-day trend where there has been a prevalence of these major issues, that continue to ail the country: high teenage pregnancies, HIV Increase, a spike in Gender Base Violence Cases, a surge of Femicide cases and mushrooming of cultic and occultic movement.

We the religious leaders are alive to these realities and drawing from the hope in the Bible that we profess has the capacity to transform lives. We therefore urge everyone to love one another as they would love themselves since by this they would be mindful of the needs of others and the horrible acts in society will cease.

 The Nandi County consultative forum brought together delegates from religious groups and representatives  bringing together the
Youth, Women, and Persons with disabilities to deliberate on pertinent issues affecting us and have come up with resolutions and recommendations endorsed in this Press Statement.

Our Point of Reference:

On insecurity in some parts of the nation-

We are apprehensive of the rising insecurity in parts of Nandi and other parts of the nation. Criminals remain criminals irrespective of which community they come from and should be treated as such. We as religious leaders urge them to let the full force of the law take its course on them. 

Additionally, as religious leaders, we are aware of the existing ethnic conflicts in the county most especially around the border areas. We, therefore, recommend that a multi-sectoral approach should be deployed to arrive at an amicable and harmonious solution for continued peaceful coexistence. We as religious leaders from the region recommend that this process be conducted humanely by providing economic opportunities for reformed warriors. Equally, some leaders should avoid politicizing the situation and provide citizen-led and centered solutions to address the menace. Similarly, we call upon the government to come out clearly on the issue of boundaries by indicating the demarcated boundaries to avoid the continuing loss of lives and property.

Input On the NADCO Report:

 We as the religious leaders in NCCK appreciate the work of the NADCO Committee for its consensus-building initiative since their tremendous efforts were instrumental in bringing a calming effect on the political environment. We as religious leaders advocate for public participation in any constitutional changes since it has a direct impact on the Kenyan people. NCCK Religious leaders are concerned about the cost implications that come with the referendum and some of the reforms suggested by the NADCO Report, such as the introduction of new offices. We as the religious leaders in Nandi County recommend that we need not have a referendum due to its huge cost implication, on the existing structures and policies to be adopted such as the Executive Order that established the office of Prime Cabinet Secretary and the parliament, who are the voice of the people to do their due diligence in scrutinizing the NADCO Report and come up with policies that citizen-led and centered. NCCK Religious leaders continue to urge peace and cohesion to be advocated for and upheld by all actors. Additionally, NCCK adds its voice that the electoral justice is to be reviewed after every election. NCCK recommends that during the transition and implementation of this report, there be consciousness of the need to have a peaceful nation in promoting peace and cohesion.

Our Commitment

Having thoroughly deliberated on the resolutions that were raised during this meeting, we have identified some action points to be taken by the leadership of the religious groups, the community, other multi-sectoral actors, the executive, the judiciary, the legislature, and government security agencies to bring back normalcy in the areas affected by insecurity.

Our Outcomes

The Nandi County Dialogue Consultative Forum wishes to respond as follows to the current political situation in our region and nation at large.

On the high cost of living,

As religious leaders, we are in agreement with the recommendations raised by the NADCO report. We call upon our president and all actors involved to step up more efforts to ensure that the cost of living is further brought down in Kenya. This is especially hurting the vulnerable and poor members of our society.

On Boundaries delimitation.

We are cognizant of the need for justice especially on the issue of boundaries delimitation which is done with a few, with fewer citizens being actively involved. As religious leaders advocate for public participation since it has a direct impact on the Kenyan people. We are aware that issues of land boundaries are highly emotive and thus need to ensure that there is active participation from all stakeholders, and this should be done peacefully and cohesively.

Fidelity to political parties.

We are aware that our nation is a multi-party and democratic state. We are concerned about the nomadic way politicians hopping from one political party to the other and we therefore urge, the registrar of political parties to have stringent measures for the once who violate. Additionally, we urge that there be an independent oversight committee that shall oversee the funding and operations of the political parties to ensure that all political parties remain compliant with the laws of the country.

On entrenchment of funds into the constitution.

 We do recommend that all the funds on public bursary be consolidated into one pool, each at the two levels of Government.


We hereby bind ourselves to the use of this Nandi County Coordinating Committee Dialogue Consultative Forum with integrity and sound thought for the collective betterment of our wellbeing as representatives of diverse Communities and interest groups in the Region, and we as the people’s spiritual leaders, commit to remain faithful to our God, who has called us all to be his stewards and overseers over his people.            

Long live our great nation Kenya!

To God be the Glory!

Signed on this 12th Day of March 2024 at ACK St Barnabas Kapsabet by:

Ven. Dr. Christopher Seurei

Chairperson of Nandi County Dialogue Consultative Forum

July 2024

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