Samson Murimi

NAME:  Rev. Samson Murimi

REGION:  Central

COURSE: Skills in Adatptable Technology

I am very happy on the skills that I achieved because immediately I started utilizing it. One day I invited women in the church on a Tuesday. I taught them on how to make the liquid soap, juice and yorghurt. The women were twenty in number. The following week, two women bought material so that they can be able to utilize the knowledge. After they brought their sample to the church, many christians bought and were very happy with the product.

In the congregation, there was a principal of a neighbouring secondary school. The principal gave them a tender to be supplying their soap.

Today, those women are getting money to educate their children up to university level from the income they are earning by selling their product.

The neighbours normally buy the soap from their home and the dispensary nearby. These women had a health problem which could not allow them to work in the shamba, so they were very happpy to have something that can earn a living. They even have more time to serve in church than before. Their lifestyles have changed.

June 2024

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