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The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) held its Kitui County Coordinating Committee meeting today 27th March 2024, here at ACK St Martin’s Cathedral in Kitui town to reflect on the state of the County and review the Kitui County River Basins Sand Utilization and Conservation Policy, 2023. The forum included representatives from NCCK Member Churches including ABC, ACK, PCEA, KAG, Salvation Army, FPFK, PEFA, and FGCK.

This meeting evaluated the Kitui County performance implementation and service delivery. The county government’s efforts are remarkable as it continues to stride forward in its mission to foster progress, prosperity, and sustainability for its residents. Through steadfast dedication and strategic initiatives, the County has achieved significant milestones across various sectors, ranging from infrastructure development to education and environmental conservation.

  1. Water Access

One of the key pillars of development in Kitui County is ensuring access to clean and reliable water sources for all residents. Over the past 18 months, we have observed that the current County administration has made significant strides in improving water access, reaching communities that were previously underserved. Through innovative water projects and infrastructure investments such as borehole drilling, earth dam desilting, and plans underway to pipe water through the Kangu Kangu project, more households now have access to safe water, improving health outcomes and enhancing overall quality of life.

We, however, take note that some areas still do not have access to water and experience water shortages. We urge the County government to ensure water is available to all citizens in Kitui. Moreover, we recommend that the county government should consider utilization of solar energy for general use.

Consequently, we call upon all Kitui and Kenyan citizens to adopt water-harvesting technologies such as water pans, installing gutters, and purchasing water storage tanks to benefit from the oncoming March-April-May Rains.

2. Roads Infrastructure

We recognize that enhancing connectivity is crucial for economic growth and social development. We applaud Kitui County for prioritizing the expansion and maintenance of its road network, facilitating easier movement of goods and people. With improved road infrastructure, businesses have flourished, and communities have been brought closer together, fostering a sense of unity and progress. We hope that the efforts are going to extend to all parts of Kitui.

3. Trade, Skills, and Capacity Building

We recognize the importance of empowering residents with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s dynamic economy. We have observed Kitui County government investment in various programs and initiatives for skills development and capacity building; equipping individuals with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields. This commitment to human capital development will fuel economic growth and create pathways to prosperity for all.

4. Education

Investing in the education of our youngest citizens is paramount to securing a brighter future for Kitui County. The County has expanded its network of ECDE centers, providing children with a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Furthermore, we recognize the efforts made to upgrade teachers to permanent and pensionable status, ensuring stability and continuity in the education sector.

Call to Support the NCCK Scholarship Programme

We in the National Council of Churches of Kenya have been providing scholarships for 63 students in Secondary Schools each year. However, the number of needy students remains very high. We now welcome all Kenyans to support our scholarship program by contributing one shilling and fifty cents each day by sending an SMS written ELIMU to 29888 or sending their contribution through *802#. Let us pool our resources to support our children to go through secondary school.

5. Community Sensitization on Climate Change:

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent, we recognize the urgent need to build resilience and adapt to changing environmental conditions. Through targeted community sensitization efforts, residents will be educated about the challenges posed by climate change and the importance of adopting nature-based solutions. By working together, we can safeguard our environment for present and future generations.

In line with our commitment to sustainable environmental management, we are actively engaging communities on the responsible utilization of natural resources, particularly regarding Kitui River basins and sand utilization. Promoting awareness and adherence to policies governing these resources, will mitigate environmental degradation and promote sustainable development practices.

In conclusion, we are glad that the Kitui County government remains steadfast in its pursuit of progress and sustainability. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, we will continue to build a brighter future for all residents and ensure prosperity for generations to come. We commit to continue praying that God will grant the Kitui County leadership wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to lead God’s people.

To the newly appointed NCCK Kitui County Officials, we pray that the Lord will guide you as you steer the work of the Council in Kitui to greater heights

God Bless Kitui

God Bless Kenya

Signed on this 27th day of March 2024 at ACK St Martin’s Cathedral Kitui by:

Rt. Rev. Gedion Muneni

NCCK Kitui CCC Chairperson

June 2024

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