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Nathanel Wasike



I am Nathanel Wasike and aged 24years old. I come from Kapkechul village in Turbo sub county, Uasin Gishu county. I am a 5th born in the family of 5, 2 boys and 3 girls. My elder brother passed on in 2001 due to heart complications so my family siblings remained 4.

I am a total orphan. My dad died in 2006 due to stress and my mum, went into depression suffered for quite some time and thereafter and passed on in 2016.Growing up in such environment and alone became the most tricky and challenging life I have ever experienced. First after the death of my dad, my mother couldn’t raise enough for us. She barely had a stable job since she would depend on the casual jobs people could offer her for sustaining the family. Many are days we went without food, with my young siblings crying all the night for help and food. We didn’t know what clothing was. We would depend on the rags my mum would collect and put together as pieces for us to clothe. This became our trend in the village.

As if these problems were not enough, my family had to undergo the 1992 clashes which cost us almost all that we had. It was a traumatizing moment for my family but somehow we managed to deal with it.

When I joined form one later one, I had no purpose nor a future. Joining itself was the biggest nightmare since I depended so much on the well-wishers who contributed to make me join school. The first year I had no hope of continuing or even exceling in education. I had no role model to look up to. I had no source of inspiration at all. My mum by then had been bedridden and things were not so good for my family.

The area chief who was one of the well-wishers who had helped me, told me about the NCCK scholarship. To me this was like a dream. I had lost so much hope. Until when I was told that had been selected nothing early mattered to me.I was then enrolled in the scholarship program the year 2008.This was a dream come true and a future shaped for me.I embarked on my studies fully trusting the Lord who had bring forth this wonderful blessing to me for god performance.

Currently, am a student at Kenyata University, something that I never dreamt of in my entire earlier life?

I look back at the events of my life and all I do is thank God for this far he has truly brought me.I look back and thank the Lord for NCCK for this wonderful gift. I hope one day I can be a source of inspiration to someone in need and set an example that no matter how hard and dark the road may seem, there is always light at the end of the road.

December 2021

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