Mwangi Hannah Waithira

I am Mwangi Hannah Waithira of 16 years. I come from Gathiruini village of Githunguri sub-county in Kiambu county.

I come from a poor family consisting of my parents and my two other siblings. . I attained the scholarship in 2015 and it has helped in my education attainment journey.

Life before I got the scholarship was miserable or let me call it a terrible mess. Acquiring adequate education or learning smoothly was like catching water with a sieve. Being sent out of school was a normal thing, missing classes was a habit and a way of life. Truant was the name I got instead of being called by my name. The name school misser became my name. Other students started to avoid me since I could not pay school fees nor concentrate in class.

After a long struggle and much tolerance and patience, I came across someone who shared with me the story of how NCCK sponsors poor children who are interested in studying. I enrolled and by God’s grace I got sponsored.

Life started changing and my real personality stared getting revealed. I started staying in school full time, learnt smartly and smoothly. I even participated in games. The scholarship has helped me attain my goals and I’ve been able to do my national exam without much tension.

In future, I want to be a neurologist so that I can treat people. I also want to help the poor similar to the manner in which someone lit a candle in my dim life.

June 2024

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