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Michael Omondi


I am Michael Omondi, a Kenyan citizen. I am aged 22 years and hail from Jimo, Nyakach

Sub – County in Kisumu County. I am a beneficiary of N.C.C.K Scholarship Programme having been absorbed I 2010.

Currently, I have in my final year undertaking Bsc. Actuarial Science.

I come from a humble background. My father passed on when I was barely five years old, leaving behind my mom and five children. At that time, she was a stay-at-home mum who didn’t have much to put us through the education system. She tried her best to get me to high school. By the time I was receiving the scholarship in 2010, I was almost discontinuing my learning due to the huge fee arrears. I am entirely glad that the N.C.C.K Scholarship came through.

When the scholarship came through, it was a beckon of hope in a word that seemingly growing gloomy by each day. At that time I wasn’t sure I was going to successfully complete my secondary education and pursue my dream course. When I was interviewed and subsequently enrolled in the programme, things changed. I had hope. It was a new opportunity to be who I have always dreamt to be. I had a change in attitude and believed that I could be who I wanted. I cannot thank the N.C.C.K Team enough for such an opportunity. I am grateful to one of my house school teachers, Mr. Collins Odundo who informed me about the scholarship and urged me to apply.

When N.C.C.K considered my sponsorship back in 2010, so many things change. For one, I had renewed vigor in learning. I felt I had an equal opportunity. Just like others, to pursue my dreams

There was an instant change in attitude. In the academic terms that followed, there was steady improvement in my academic performance. I had every reason to excel.

On the other hand, there was a great relief on my mom’s side, who couldn’t afford all the fee by then. She’s grateful for the commitment of N.C.C.K in seeing me through high school.

The sponsorship experience was great. I had a good relationship with the regional secretary and coordinator who kept encouraging me to work hard every time I went to collect the cheque and submit my results. The payment was prompt to ensure I was in school most of the time. I managed to sit my K.C.S.E in 2012 and I am certain I passed because of the opportunity N.C.C.K offered me.

In few months’ time, I will be completing my Bsc. Actuarial Science degree. Thereafter, I want to pursue the professional papers and be a certified actuary. I want to practice for a couple of years before owning my own Actuarial Consultant Firm. At the same time, I want to pursue my entrepreneurship dreams and have own company. Most importantly, I want to establish a charity fund to be able to help needy children realize their dreams. I want to invest in the education of the needy, younger generation in the next 20 years. I believe I can achieve.

In conclusion, I believe that every person, especially bright needy students, deserve to pursue their dream regardless of their financial backgrounds with the right attitude and consistent prayer, nothing is impossible to achieve in life.

July 2024

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