Lilian Naibei

Lilian Naibei


My name is Lilian Naibei and I come from Tranzoia County. From a humble family of 12 siblings, I am the third born and very proud to be. My dad is a peasant farmer and my lovely mum is a housewife. To me, my parents are the best .We were raised under the standards that the Lord provides and we should always strive to live within the means.

Growing up, my family didn’t have much. With so little income form the shamba produce and with so little help my mum could offer, I had to learn to struggle too as a daughter and as a woman. We would accompany my mum to several forms to do menial jobs so to bring food on the table. My dad on the other hand was very hardworking just to ensure that we got all we ever wanted.

However, despite all this struggles, my family could barely raise enough for me and my siblings to school, clothe and feed. After my primary education, I passed so well to join high school. Since I was an active member of the society and the church, I got to know about the scholarship program through the church elder and somehow was selected for it.God works in funny ways.

This helped me realize just how lucky I was. I finished my high school and took so long to join college due to the same financial problems in the family. Later on, I got a chance to join Mosoriot but I couldn’t manage due to fees. I however managed to join last year but still experience the same financial constraints.

I would like to be a teacher one day and teach the society the art of giving and trusting in God to provide for us no matter how faint our faith might be in him.

My biggest worry and challenge is this unstability.At time’s I am totally unable to raise my college fees and I am forced to stay at home for a long period missing out on the classes. My hope has not died though. And I hope it shall be well one day.

April 2024

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