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In a remote village called Winyarago in Uriri Subcounty Migori County exists a family of five, a mother and her sons. Among the sons is Kevin Odongo, a second born within the family 23 years of age, he is currently registered at university of Nairobi taking Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at his fifth year of study.

The mother who is a peasant farmer taught her sons in the ways of God and of the land. She cultivated the spirit of hard work and academic excellence into her sons despite the poor background they hailed from. In the year 2009 when Kevin was in form two, when everything seemed not to be working out in terms of school fees, he was blessed to come across the information of scholarships offered by N.C.C.K. He did apply and was blessed to be absorbed into the N.C.C.K family.

The years prior to the privilege of sponsorship, the life in the family was at its knees. The first born was in high school the same time. This made it very hard for the widowed mother to make the ends meet by providing for the family as well as paying the school fees for the two sons who were at high school which demanded a lot of money for the fees.

In this high school years, Kevin acknowledged and appreciated the assistance that was offered to him in the name of sponsorship. This made him to work extra harder academically not to disappoint himself and the people who offered him an opportunity to make his dream come true.

From the conferences and convention that were organized by the sponsor, Kevin was able to learn leadership skill as well as get spiritual nourishment from the facilitators. This has made him to become a leader at the university and as well become spiritually stable.

In a year’s time, Kevin is expecting to graduate from the university and to join the job market in Petroleum Exploration. He intends to major in Petroleum Engineering at post graduate level which will enable him lead the team of Oil Exploration based in Turkana.

Kevin would like to proceed to master degree directly after graduating from undergraduate bachelor’s degree, but due to unavailability of funds, he is seeking Master Scholarships from various organizations and universities that can enable him to fully actualize his dreams.

June 2024

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