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My name is Ken Bowen, a 21 year old born and raised in Kaptalim village.

Being a 3rd born in a family of seven, and with a single mother taking acre of all of us, life was never friendly. It was tough. Teaching me in the hardest way posiible.My mum however took up the role diligently and always wanting the best for us no matter how hard and tiresome it was for her to get us the best.

I enrolled in the program in the year 2012 ,in form 2.Form one, just like my growing up life was hard, was more tough with well-wishers coming to my rescue just to help me join school and pursue a dream. After joining school, I would be send home severally for school fees and other basic needs. I had no one to turn to and my mum was really struggling to make ends meet. She had no stable job let alone any one to support her.

I knew about the program through our church pastor. Lucky for me, I was enrolled and this became my turning point. I got peace of mind to study. I had a story to write. Story of my life by focusing on my books and doing the best I could. I remember my teachers asking me if I could read all those books because my quench for education was so high. My attitude for the program was exceedingly positive. I came to realize I was not the only student the program was sponsoring but so many. This was truly God sent angel to us

Spiritually I have grown not realize the Lord has special and good plans for us always and that his time is always the best. He acts when it’s right for him to do so and as human beings we do not need to question him at all. I have a dream to complete my studies and give back to the society through helping other needy students in the society. I have and intend to grow and walk along in the right path for the stability of the society.

My biggest challenge is my tomorrow. Even as I hold on to this hope of a better tomorrow I still do not know what the lord has purposed for me to do as I live though I purpose to live in his likeness. I pray that he can show me to the right path in life and cause mea vessel that will set the pase for other young generations to come.

April 2024

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