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Keep Doing Good

Keep Doing Good


The Regional Committee of the NCCK Nyanza Region has met here at Jumuia Hotel, Kisumu, today March 2, 2021 to transact statutory business and reflect on the state of the nation and the region. The NCCK Nyanza Region comprises of Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay, Migori, Kisii and Nyamira counties. During the meeting, the Regional Committee was inspired by the word of God drawn from Galatians 6: 9:

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up

We recognize that the mission of the Council is to transform lives for a just, resilient and sustainable society, and this is a task which we will continue to undertake knowing that a harvest of a better Kenya will be achieved. It is in this regard that we wish to share the following message with the residents of the counties in Nyanza Region and the country in general.

1. Covid-19 pandemic and disaster preparedness

This Regional Committee has taken time to pray for the people who are infected and those affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We have welcomed the news that a vaccine will be made available in Kenya, and urge for justice and equity in the administration of the vaccine in Kenya and across the world.

In the meantime, we continue to urge all Kenyans to obey and observe the guidelines put in place by the Ministry of Health. Let us protect each other from the virus.

As we engage this pandemic, this Regional Committee has taken note that our region is routinely affected by the cyclical alternations between floods and droughts. This is a disaster we must prepare for, and we call upon the county governments in our region to put in place the necessary measures to prevent deaths and flooding during the coming rainy season. We must not sit back and allow every emergency to become a disaster. On our part, we as NCCK Nyanza Region have resolved to set up a Disaster Response Kitty into which churches will be contributing. We will share details of how other people can contribute in a short while.

2. Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2020

This Regional Committee has noted that the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2020 has progressed to the point of presentation to Parliament this week. We reiterate that amendment of the Constitution of Kenya is a crucial process in which all Kenyans should participate. For this reason, we urge all Kenyans to maintain peace and security before, during and after the referendum. We must all be tolerant of each other, and allow every Kenyan to express their wishes on the proposed amendments. No Kenyan should suffer or die on account of the referendum.

On our part, we are continuing with the Civic Education Programme which is being delivered through our structures and churches. We will also in due course share the Civic Education Handbook to enable all Kenyans understand the proposed amendments and their implications so as to make an informed decision during the referendum.

We in the meantime urge all Kenyans to read and understand the Referendum Bill and also attend civic education forums wherever such are convened. We advice you not to depend on politicians who come to you with vested interests, not the welfare of the nation at heart. Understand and decide for yourself.

3. Readiness for the 2022 General Elections

This Regional Committee is deeply concerned that the country’s preparedness for the 2022 General Elections is very low. The challenges that affected the 2017 General Elections, and the elections before that, have not been addressed. We are especially concerned because those shortcomings in the electoral system and processes resulted in violence, chaos and deaths in our region. We do not wish to have a repeat of the same cycle of demonstrations and violence after the next elections.

We therefore call upon the government and all concerned stakeholders to speedily implement the required electoral reforms for free, fair and peaceful elections.

Our concern has especially been raised by the trend of politicians using churches as platforms for campaigns. This has caused worship services to turn very toxic. This Regional Committee strongly condemns this trend, and we urge our brothers and sisters who are clergy to not stop any who would campaign in the churches. Do not allow the place of worship to be used as a battlefield by politicians. The church should be respected as a holy ground.

On their part, we urge all Kenyans to reject all political actors who promote violence or engage in insults in their campaigns.

4. Demolition of Properties

This Regional Committee takes great exception to the draconian and inhuman manner that has characterized the wave of demotion of properties across the region and especially in Kisumu County. The demolitions are causing massive suffering of people purported to be occupying government of parastatal lands. It is very sad that the demolitions have been undertaken without a human face. The evictees have not been given adequate notice, and those who have lived in these lands for decades are not being offered alternative residential areas. This must be stopped. We call upon the government and parastatal bodies to engage the people, including the church and community leadership structures, before evictions are conducted. Of great importance, those evicted from lands they have occupied for more than seven years must be provided with alternative residences before eviction.

5. Reverse Deterioration of Healthcare in the Region

This Regional Committee is disgusted at the blatant and insensitive manner in which the national and county governments in this region have allowed healthcare to deteriorate. We are at a point where residents who desire to access good healthcare have to travel to counties outside the region. Our people must not be taken through this unnecessary suffering. We urge the government to engage in dialogue with the healthcare workers and community members on this matter. The church leaders are available to mediate to bring the crisis in healthcare to an end with a focus of improving the lives of Kenyans.


In conclusion, this Regional Committee urges all Kenyans to promote peace, love and tolerance as we prepare for the referendum and the General Elections. Let each of us play our part to facilitate the transformation of lives to make Kenya a just, sustainable and resilient society.

We pray for and wish all candidates in Class Four, Class Eight and Form Four success in their exams.

May God bless Kenya now and always.

Signed on this 2nd day of March 2021 at Jumuia Hotel, Kisumu

Rt Rev Prof David Kodia

Regional Chairman, NCCK Nyanza Region

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