Joseck Ananda – Ngei Youth Group

NAME:                   Joseck Ananda – Ngei Youth Group


DATE:                    14th November, 2013



a)     Before the Intervention

Before the intervention of NCCK on the basis of HIV prevention and treatment, I was a victim of stigma and discrimination. This was brought about in early 2001 when my dad died with AIDs when in my class eight. The death of my father affect even my studies which I was forced by the situation to repeat not only once but twice in Std.8 class in different schools and the last school I went was so interior in Mogotio division Rongai constituency. My mum was the only bread winner. But of course infected. Through an NGO called SWAK (Society of Women with AIDs in Kenya) my mum was able to get all the information and training on matters of HIV/AIDS. This create a platform and foundation for me to manuevor in the field of public speaking and facilitation on HIV prevention and treatment. Life was really tough and uneasy, to cut the story short.


b)     The Nature of Invention.

NCCK came in through the provision of a training on HCT and prevention of HIV. Above all they facilitated financially all the outreaches hence making the facilitation / passage of information much easier.


c)     How my life changed

After the invention of NCCK, I was able to gain my self esteem and come out in support of my mother to help the community around get informed on issues of HIV/AIDS on 2009 I got my certificate of a certified peer educator through USAID/APHA II Project. I took this opportunity of been a peer educator to act as a facilitator on outreaches and trainings. I have worked with Maprycks Theatres Gilgil as their facilitators and K-Note as peer educator. Am also gland to be this year Mr. Y-PEER. (A project under APHIA plus for modeling of the best peer educators in the South rift.)


d)     What I was not able to do before the intervention

Without the start information on HIV/AIDS from the training I could not be in a position to speak on HIV/AIDs also myself esteem would also be so down in a point of never be a facilitator of any talk. But now I can stand proud and talk of my life experience and change someones perspection of life to better.

e)     As the current MR. Y-PEER, I have initiate a campaign of Home Based Care for PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) among the community members in my locality. Also on the same capacity I am in the upfront on the VMMC (Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision) at Gilgil a programme under APHIA plus on prevention of HIV on men. Am also a children offer voluntary working through the K-Note Resource Centre in Gilgil where I serve as facilitator and a link up of street children with their families. I also mann but in voluntary bases K-Note Youth Resource Centre where I offer information to peer educators around gilgil on new trends on HIV/AIDS.


f)       Plan for the Future

As all human being, Happiness and peace of mind is the desire of all good living people under the sun. when these two prevailes your environment you live a happy man. Therefore as me it is my duty and responsibility to ensure the same happiness and peace to all surrounding me. I will achieve this through:-


  • Ensuring my initiative never go weak
  • Provide my voluntary services in information passage to writing for the purpose of next generation e.g. poems, story and my life experience.
  • Engaging in all activities concerning the subject matter and participate actively.


g)     To NCCK

  • 1st is to thank you for a well done job since you are my cornerstone in my upcoming as a HIV/AIDS facilitator and ambassador

Talking to Gilgil I think is a high time to connect also to youth in church they are so neglected by almost all the related NGOs.

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