John Mwangi Njeri

The story appended her is one of Mr. John Mwangi Njeri who is a Kenyan citizen of age 24 as at 2017. He was born in the heart of Kiambu district in Ndumberi village on 19th June 1993 by the late Naomi Njeri Ndungu as an only son. He has been living with the only guardian who is the grandmother and is known as Alice Njeri Ndungu who reared him to maturity. While John was at his tender years he was enrolled to the Compassion Africa at Ndumberi CDC (children’s development centre) under the ministry of PEFA church where he received his early childhood education and thereafter headed to Karunga Primary School. He was later enrolled at Karunga High school for his Kenya certificate of secondary education.

It was back in 2009 while he was in form two when the mother of social evils befell him due to unsustained school fees arrears. Back then the CDC program had initiated on my school fees would meet a certain percentage and the family would raise the next amount. Being a total orphan, it was quite hard to cope with such a tempting life since my granny could not be able to raise such amounts of money and it had been left for the school dropping option until when the PEFA ministering Pastor Ng’ang’a intervened in and the dawn of NCCK into my life changed since they scaled my academic life by offsetting my school fees.

Before I received the scholarship, I had been enrolled to High school with outstanding and promising marks but due to the constant send off back home in the name of clearing the school fess, the grades had surfaced almost to the brink of collapse. The miraculous reprieve of the financial burden made a remarkable improvement on my grades to become among the few who would be labeled as academic figures to embrace.

The scholarship was of much help to me for I was able to clear High school education and later able to enroll into the university to pursue a degree in Political Science. I was able to connect with people from different regions who shared similar problems and this built a strong foundation in cementing the bond with other beneficiaries.

I also got the opportunity to be socially, cognitively and mentorly nourished through the professional speakers who would facilitate various forums while on NCCK retreats e.g. Pastor Joseph Obwanda has really motivated this young mind to believe and drive on to my career and meeting the news anchor Johnston Mwakazi was a thrilling desire for he motivated me to venture and try my luck in Politics. I vied for an MCA seat in my home and managed to be position two in party primaries.

Currently, I am the youth representative for the Development Church Committee of St. Stephens ACK Karunga where I offer insightful opinions to the church on behalf of the youth. I am also involved in school visits to mentor and offer some insightful academic principles so that people can overcome and excel in future.

In future, I hope to be a leading and visionary political figure who will help his community in bridging the gap of the individual and community needs. I am currently a senior clerical officer with the county government of Kiambu and what I would recommend NCCK is to continue engaging us the employed in constructive deal so that we can have a hand in contributing so as to reach others. I remain steadfast and appreciate the far NCCK has brought me and I ask the almightly to continue blessing the program.

June 2024

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