James Mwangi

NAME:                  James Mwangi


DATE:                   14th November, 2013


a)     Before the intervention I was just ordinary person, I was not knowledgeable on the issues of reproductive health.


b)     NCCK has been able to facilitate our monthly meetings where we discuss on issues concerning the reproductive health. Also has facilitated some of our exchange programs where we meet other groups doing different activities such that we can learn from them and vice versa, and this has helped us so much in terms of sustaining the group.


c)      Now I could say am knowledgeable and when it comes to decision making, I actually make an informed decision when it comes on the issues of reproductive health and other issues.


d)     Through also our monthly meetings, I have learnt a lot and now I use my knowledge to educate other members who are not part of our group.


e)     It was hard to go to a school for session or on outreach but through NCCK we have been able to reach so many schools and different places.


f)        I can say sometimes I have been going for a school session, event without the facilitation from NCCK.


g)     Through our monthly meetings have learnt a lot and now we are able to write for proposals to source funds and still using our talents where we are invited to perform and we get some cash.


h)     It was fantastic working with you people. Through your support we have been able to reach so many people and we are glad there has been an increase in terms of behavior change within our community.

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