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Isiolo County Coordinating Committee


Press Statement


  1. Introduction

The Isiolo County Coordinating Committee members of the NCCK Upper Eastern Region has met here at MCK Church hall, Isiolo, today April 20, 2021 to transact statutory business and also reflect on the state of the Isiolo County. During the meeting, the members considered the scripture recorded in Nehemiah 5: 1-19. In this chapter we see Nehemiah as leader facing both internal and external opposition while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. As a Godly leader, he defends the oppressed. In all the things Nehemiah did, he did it in God’s sight alone. He wanted praise from God alone and that was his sole focus. Vs 19, “Remember, O my God, all that I have done for these people, and bless me for it.”


May God help each of us who are leaders in any capacity to fear him and love His people just as Nehemiah did.


  1. Issues of concern in Isiolo County:

During a scenario building session today, the committee reviewed the BBI processes, the expected referendum, the upcoming 2022 electioneering process, and  identified conflict issues, dividers and connectors now, during and after elections. The clergy in Isiolo County under the Umbrella of NCCK Upper Eastern Region is asking both the County and National government to address the following issues as articulated;


Conflict issues now, during and after elections;

  • Outstanding land issues, tribalism, unfair resource sharing, unequal employment opportunities, religious biasness during religious celebrations, border disputes e.g. Meru-Isiolo border, that have caused death of residents, availability of illegal small arms that facilitate killings, stereotyping of tribes living within Isiolo County, displacement of market places thus disempowering the business community, corruption and bribes, ethnicity, competition for resources, poverty, low education levels, high Gender Based Violence cases, Gender inequality, among others.


Dividers now, during and after elections;

  • Radicalization, tribalism and mistrust, handouts from politicians, dominance of the winners and the winner takes it all, lack of inclusivity in sharing community resources, empty promises made by politicians to citizens, historical occurrences, lack of education, joblessness, among others.


Nevertheless, Isiolo County has connector issues that bring people together before, during and after elections.

The following issues are connectors before elections; unity and cooperation, love among the residents, ecumenical unity, common problems, and good working environment.

Connectors during election include; tribal and political alliances which promote unity, spirit of ecumenism, vibrant interfaith networks, non-partisan provincial administration, non-governmental organizations who promote peace components, balanced media, vibrant women political leadership, strong and influential council of elders, money circulation is high and welfare matters are met.


Lastly, we have connector issues after elections which include; Honest political leaders start implementing their promises, religious leaders are uniting people, there is a sigh of relief, businesses thriving more, new positions that available create employment opportunities, calm environment


The NCCK Isiolo County Coordinating Committee is asking the County & National government security apparatus, and the citizens, to promote the available connectors in the County for purpose of creating harmony and peace building.


  1. Recommendations

The Committee wishes to make the following recommendations to the residents of Isiolo County and various stakeholders;


  1. To all citizens of Isiolo County

Since the BBI processes, referendum, electioneering process affect the lives of all persons, all Kenyans must be given opportunity to participate. For this reason, the committee calls upon all the Isiolo County Citizens and Kenya at large to maintain peace before, during and after the referendum and the 2022 elections. No Kenyan should suffer or die because of the referendum or elections.


  1. To the civil society organizations – Conduct civic education, Mobilize citizens to participate in elections, be spokesmen of multitudes that follow them, be in prayer, preach unity
  • To the media house; always promote peace in your daily work. Be accountable to your actions/news.
  1. To the County Governments; Conduct civic education, provide clear information on electoral processes to the citizens, Collaborate with the National on matters security, involve people and church in decision making
  2. To the National Government; Provide security, ensure proper constitution & funding of IEBC even before the coming referendum, ensure smooth transition of power, and conduct mass civic education.


  1. To the Religious Leaders

This NCCK Isiolo County Committee urges the religious leaders to do the following before, during and after elections;

  • Organize county and national prayers for peace and stability in the country
  • Give spiritual & moral support to citizen, and to those vying for electoral positions
  • Build religious relationships with other religions for tolerance and co-existence.
  • Engage congregants on peace building and cohesion related activities.
  • Teach against drug and substance abuse
  • Always do monitoring and evaluation activities and network with the County security stakeholders.
  • Preach unity to congregants always.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, the NCCK Isiolo County Committee calls all and the sundry to mind the request God has asked from all the people, as is recorded in Amos 5: 24


But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream


May God help the Isiolo County and all Kenyan citizens to promote peace, justice and cohesion in the Constitution amendment process and the upcoming general elections, and to always elect leaders who provide justice to the land.


Signed on this 20th day of April 2021 at the MCK Church Hall, Isiolo.




Name: Pastor. Nathan Maingi

Chairperson, NCCK Isiolo County Coordinating Committee

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