Hussein K. Nasor

NAME:                   Hussein K. Nasor

CONSTITUENCY:     Naivasha, Nakuru County

DATE:                   18th November, 2013


We were introduced to the project by Self-help Africa and later it was taken to over by NCCK through a meeting together with Care Kenya. First when we started the project we had so many youths who did not get a place to air out their issues through the programme we got more youths who could talk about the issues facing them on HIV and Aids. Also the programme helped us to have a resource where could refer our youths at Naivasha District Hospital. Through the project more youths could turn up for the session due to the fact that they could get refreshments.


Through the project we could get a chance to hire facilitators who were very usefull to the youths cause what could not be told was, thus youth become more free on issues its throught the project we were able to sit down with young girls who are in commercial sex works and we got the full picture of Naivasha. The programme as enabled us t have exchange programme where we got to learn more about other groups it was not an easy task but through this support we can now approach other institutes and teach on HIV and Aids.




All group members can now handle victims of HIV cause all members have already have a chance to teach and learn what they did not know. Most of the members are muslims this was an added advantage cause muslims handle their own bodies of the dead so it was a good chance on how one is supposed to handle a dead body cause no one knows what the other member / person had before dead I had a chance to teach the community about the HIV and Aids cause most of members were still living in denial due to the fact that the Koran teaches us that sex is so protected and is ment for certain people and having sex before marriage is a sin and that need one’s to be punished in order to get forgiven. So having such laws they knew that once you are in that situation you must have sinned we had to show how fellow brothers that its not only sex that brings HIV and we had real examples whereby we live near Naivasha Prisons and one of the staff got the virus through handling patients in the prisons without knowing and later we discovered he was already affected.


The point is very clear to all that if you are not infected you are affected in one way or another we live with neighbours whom you happen to get on streets and no one knows each other background so we insisted on any couple to get tested before they could get engandaged so that they can live a better life their afterwards.




The programme could not be able to live sustainability programmes for the project.

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