Florence Njeri Kamau

The Transformation Of Florence Kamau

I am Florence Njeri Kamau. I am seventeen years old. I am from Kariobangi South, Embakasi- Nairobi.

In my family we are my grandmother, mother, myself and my younger sister. My grandmother took us after the death of my father. At this time she was working but she soon retired. My mother on the other hand is unemployed and she does various activities to get money to provide food and shelter. I was enrolled for the sponsorship program in 2015. I am currently through with my secondary school.

Before the sponsorship, I had a debt of unpaid school fees at Kerugoya Girls High School. I had to go back home for school fees and this forced me to miss some lessons in school. This made my performance in class drop. My grandmother would try to seek help from some of the church elders. A church member introduced my grandmother to her sister who works for the N.C.C.K and that’s how we got to know about the sponsorship program. Despite the situation, I was determined to work hard to achieve my dreams and visions for the future.

My grandmother applied to the sponsorship program . NCCK considered me for the scholarship after finding out about my background and that was in 2015. The NCCK decided to be paying part of my school fees and I was very grateful to God and the NCCK. I was assured of being in school most of the time and I missed less lessons. I was also assured of improving in my performance and of a brighter tomorrow. The sponsorship program opens opportunities to the less fortunate for a brighter tomorrow since they have an opportunity to study.

I have been able to be in school throughout and I attended all my lessons. I have had more time to study since I am not at home due to lack of fees when others are in school. This has helped me to improve in my performance thanks to the support of NCCK. I have faith in God that I will get good results in my K.C.S,E and this will be as a result of the good work of NCCK.

In future, I would like to enroll in the university for a degree in actuarial science, statistics or economics. I would like to set up a children’s home for the orphans and for children abandoned by their parents as well as a home for the elderly. I would like to engage in feeding programs for people in drought-prone areas. I would like to have a master’s degree and later a PhD.

My Quotes

  • Praying for success without working hard for it is like wishing for wings to fly which is impossible for man to have.
  • Be a lion. It never substitutes meat for grass even if it lacks meat. It would rather die of hunger.
  • A wise man/woman creates his/her own wisdom but not using the wisdom of another.
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