Elections 2022: Let Us Embrace Dialogue and Mediation

NCCK Women Mediators Communique

Elections 2022: Let Us Embrace Dialogue and Mediation


Just over 100 Women drawn from the nine NCCK Region and partner institutions have held a two-day training on dialogue and mediation as a strategy to contribute to peaceful, credible, free and fair Elections 2022. During the training held 5th to 7th December 2021 at Jumuia Conference and Country Home, Limuru, the mediators were inspired by the scripture recorded in Judges 5: 7

Village life in Israel ceased, ceased until I, Deborah, arose, arose a mother in Israel

The participants recognized and appreciated that women are key safeguards when violence and destruction threaten the society. Recognizing that Kenya is going through such a moment, the NCCK Women Mediators now share the following message:

1.         Threats to Peace During Elections 2022

The NCCK Women Mediators have assessed the state of the nation, and are deeply concerned about the threat of violence and destruction of lives before, during and after the 2022 General Elections. Of note are the factors that have caused violence in previous electoral processes. These include the following:

a)       Recruitment of the youth, both male and female, into gangs that are then hired by politicians to cause violence

b)       Drug and Alcohol abuse which predisposes the youth to manipulation by politicians

c)        Imposition of candidates by the state or political parties

d)       Incitement of ethnic hatred and divisions by politicians to build support bases

e)       Unresolved boundary disputes between communities

f)        Refusal by candidates to accept results

g)       Electoral malpractices and injustice

The mediators were especially concerned about the adoption of Sexual and Gender Based Violence as a strategy to bar women from participating in electoral processes.

2.         Commitment by Women Mediators

Just like Deborah arose to save the nation of Israel, the NCCK Women Mediators have made a resolve to take action to restore and protect peace and national cohesion. They developed workplans to undertake the following actions:

a)       Guide Children and Speak to Spouses to inculcate in them the value of peace, love and respect of others even when they hold different opinions

b)       Mobilize women to participate in governance and electoral processes

c)        Organize women and youth self help groups to monitor and observe elections to prevent malpractices

d)       Organize prayer meetings in churches and in the communities to seek God’s presence and peace in the country

e)       Partner with the youth to use social media to promote peace and cohesion

f)        Reach out to politicians and their families for prayer, fellowship and to encourage them to practice peace in the electoral process

3.         Call for Action By State and Non State Agencies

To promote peace and cohesion in the nation, the NCCK Women Mediators now recommend the following actions to be taken:

a)       The state agencies concerned with security should strictly enforce the laws that prohibit hate speech and incitement to violence

b)       Friends of Kenya are asked to support non-state actors with funds to undertake intensive civic education so that Kenyans make informed choices

c)        Friends of Kenya are invited to support the organization of youth camps to build a strong team to drive peace

d)       Religious leaders and institutions need to organize inter ethnic and inter faith games and festivals to promote cohesion

e)       All Kenyans are asked to each play their role to discourage and eradicate Sexual and Gender Based Violence


In conclusion, the NCCK Women Mediators remind all Kenyans that elections come and go, but Kenya remains. It is therefore important to embrace dialogue and mediation so that there is peace, national cohesion and prosperity for all.

May every Kenyan always remember that God’s primary strategy for peace is dialogue, as is written in Isaiah 1: 18

Come, let us reason together, says the Lord

May God grant Kenya peace now, and always.

Signed on this 7th day of December 2021 at Jumuia Conference and Country Home, by the NCCK Regional Women Representatives.

 Pst Susan KamiruCentral 
 Mary KomoraCoast 
 Lay Leader Esther MwendwaLower Eastern 
 Rev Martha KihikaNairobi 
 Pst Salina WekesaNorth Rift 
 Rev Elizabeth OkumuNyanza 
 Lay Canon Jane LeleinaSouth Rift 
 Jocyline KagendoUpper Eastern 
 Rev Jane SibelenjeWestern 
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