CP – Institutional Analysis


3.1      SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis


The participants in the County and Regional forums and other meetings held in the Corporate Plan development process were requested to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Council. The results are summarized here below:


How to maximize

  • National Outlook and Grassroots Presence
  • Strengthen County Coordinating Committees
  • Organizational governance structure
  • Enhance capacity building for membership
  • Policies and procedures for the organization are documented
  • Period review of policies for relevance
  • More than 100 years’ experience in advocacy and implementation of services
  • Disseminate lessons learnt and best practices
  • Diversified membership – churches, associates, and affiliates
  • Enhance fellowship and capacity building
  • Strong staff base
  • Recruit and maintain qualified professionals at all levels



How to maximize

  • Devolved governments
  • Strategize for advocacy, partnerships and resource mobilisation at county level
  • Existing and new strategic partnerships
  • Strengthen linkages and networks
  • Unlimited potential for programme activities
  • Increased advocacy and networking
  • Increased donor interest to partner with local organizations
  • Enhance visibility and branding
  • Revenue generating subsidiaries
  • Market NCCK facilities using different platforms
  • Mainstream and Social Media
  • Package NCCK stories for platform relevance



How to minimize them

  • Inadequate branding and communication
  • Improve communication and information management systems
  • Inadequate staffing
  • Negotiate for adequate personnel support in funding agreements
  • Inadequate Resources for Council Operations
  • Enhance resource mobilization to diversify sources



How to minimize them

  • Reduced significance of the place and role of churches in the industrialised West
  • Enhance capacity building for member churches to enable them expand evangelism to the West
  • Unstable political environment
  • Enhance advocacy for good governance and credible elections
  • Shift in aid and funding trends
  • Align to the trends and enhance local resource mobilisation


3.2      Stakeholder Analysis


Following is a summary of the extent to which the various groups, institutions and persons that will influence the work of the Council during the Corporate Plan period:


Point / Area of Engagement


– Programme support and implementation
– Resource mobilisation
– Governance of the Council
– Oversight and Strategy
– Fellowship

Donors / Partners

– Programme design and implementation
– Capacity Strengthening
– Resource Mobilisation
– Networking and Collaboration


– Design and implementation of Council plans and strategies
– Resource mobilization
– Idea generation

Other Faiths / Other Christian Councils

– Inter faith engagement and collaboration
– Peer support
– Advocacy

Civil Society

– Networking and collaboration on national issues
– Advocacy

National and County governments

– Constitutional, Legal and Policy framework
– Compliance and legitimisation
– Community empowerment
– Official data and information
– Advocacy


– Recipients of NCCK initiatives
– Quality Services
– Accountability
– Active participation / co-implementers for empowerment, self reliance, resilience and transformation


– Publicity and dissemination of NCCK information

General Public

– Advocacy on national issues
– Accountability
– Voice of the church



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