Christine Muthoni

I am Christine Muthoni, 18 years of age. I live in Thogoto which is in Kiambu county. I am from a family of five with my mother as the breadwinner. I enrolled to the NCCK scholarship program in 2016 in third term. I am in Nembu Girls High School.

I had been struggling with balances before the intervention of NCCK. My parent who is single used to struggle a lot before to meet the cost of my fees. I learnt about the NCCK scholarship program in school when the school asked students who think they have difficulties at home in raising fees. I turned up and filled the form and luckily enough I got the scholarship. Before this intervention, I had been struggling a lot with school fee balances and was often sent back home in order to get the required fees.

At this time, I used to feel very bad because I was willing to study but I could not get the chance to be in school.

In the second term of 2016, I applied for NCCK scholarship program and it proceeded in the third term of 2016. NCCK paid half of the amount required in third term of 2016. After realizing the scholarship application was successful, I was happy as I had been given a chance to study in school full time.

A lot has changed since the NCCK intervention as I have been in school full time and this has made me work harder now that I have the chance. Since also the intervention of NCCK , I have been working harder so as not to let my sponsors down and also to be able to give back.

In future, I would like to be a computer engineer which I am working very hard to achieve.

Never give up something that you really want. It is difficult to wait but more difficult to regret.

June 2024

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