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Press Statement

On this 21st day of March in the year of our Lord 2024, religious leaders from NCCK Member Churches in HomaBay County, have met here at the Full Gospel Church in HomaBay town. We reflected on the scripture recorded in Acts 17: 16;
“While Paul was waiting for them in Athens, he was greatly distressed to see that the city was full of idols.”
We now wish to share the following communiqué with the residents of Homa Bay County and the entire Nation.

Impartial public officers
We take note that the constitution of Kenya 2010 envisioned a transparent, unbiased civil service that focuses on service delivery free from any political influences. We urge civil servants to balance their professional code of conduct and ethics with their individual civic duties by refraining from using their offices and public resources for any political reasons and/or gains.

Food security.
We are alarmed at the rising costs of basic commodities. We call upon the National Government to formulate policies that will lower the costs of basic commodities and where applicable impose price ceilings.

Politically instigated violence
As Religious leaders, we understand there are wide-ranging political differences in the county of HomaBay. We aim to admonish the Christian collaboration with acts of violence. Therefore:
• We denounce a contorted theology that purports some people are superior to others, because of tribe, gender, sexual orientation. There is no distinction in Christ. All are adopted into God’s family (Ephesians 1:5);
• We denounce the evocation of historic oaths and contemporary violence against any person in our county and nation;
• We denounce an increasing rhetoric of violence and vulgar language, especially from politicians. The Duty bearers should concentrate on service delivery and not on the 2027 Campaigns

The Triple Threat; HIV, Teenage Pregnancy, and GBV
We have noticed with concern the rising impact of the triple threat in Homabay County and wish to call upon the duty bearers to take action and respond to such threats and provide justice.
We also decry Mental health issues that are on the rise and have seen a number of our young people lose their lives prematurely. We urge relevant stakeholders and the government to sit down and come up with effective strategies to avert this.

NADCO Report
We note that the report has various recommendations that have political, economic, social, and legal implications for the country. We wish to point out the following;
I. The Country’s political class has put its interests and agenda ahead of the good of the country going by the many political recommendations made. Recommendations touching on the plight of the common man are vague and not definite.
II. The IEBC reconstitution panel to be independent and representative of all stakeholders including the clergy.
III. The issue of debt situation in Kenya is a matter of public interest. Both the National and County Governments need to come clear on the status of domestic and foreign debt incurred and its impact on the economy. There is a need for transparency in revenue collection, expenditure, and debt management.

Inclusion of Persons With Disability (PWDs)
That PWDs be represented in each of the PWD Offices in the County by people who can listen to their needs.

In conclusion
We the religious leaders are the voice of reason in the county and we advocate for meaningful change in our society. We call upon all religious leaders to unite and speak with courage on the social issues affecting our communities without fear or favor. We remain open to a facilitative dialogue with our county and national leaders to find a solution to the various issues that are of concern to H County and Kenya.

God Bless Homabay County! God bless Kenya!

Signed on this 21st Day of March 2024 at the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya in Homabay County by
Kenneth Ouma – NCCK Homabay CCC Chairperson
Bsp Joseph Aloo – NCCK Homabay CCC treasurer

July 2024

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