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Anthony Nganga

Anthony Nganga 


My name is Anthony Nganga.Iam 29 years of Age. I hail from Huruma village in Uasin Gishu County. I grew up in a foster home after my mum abandoned me at a younger age of ten.

Growing up at this stage in a foster home was not easy. I grew so lonely and so much to myself without so much help and care. I had to struggle with loving myself, taking care of myself and teaching myself so many things. Being a boy child, I was not expected to shade my pain in public. Society demanded I grow up strong and as a man which was not an easy task for a ten year old.

My teenage life was faced with so many challenges. Trying to belong and to love and create my own space and voice in a foster home. My primary education was a most hard moments of my life. Many are times I had to walk so long a distance just too each school on time. I didn’t have the luxurious life other kids had in primary school. Often I was send home to collect school fees and other basics. While at home, during thse moments, I would engage in menial jobs to cater for my school fees. This would take so much time to raise the desired school fees and cost me a lot of learning in school d also time. By the time I returned to school.cathing up with the rest of the class would be a problem. I couldn’t depend on my foster parents to raise everything I need to a better education since they also had other responsibility and other kids to cater for. I had to struggle the hard way but always keeping strong in al moments and raising any hopes up that one day I would get help

At the end of the year 2006, in form 2 at Uasin Gishu high school, a miracle came my way. I got to know of the scholarship program through our church. I got courage to apply for it and luckily I was selected for the program. This was my turning point. A moment of hope had finally come my way and Ii was determined to make the best out of it and to create the dream I always dreamt of.

I did well and managed to join Kenyatta University as a government sponsored student in the year 2010.I pursued a degree in Gender and development studies and graduated with a second class upper division. I owe the council a lot for enabling me to shape a future I didn’t know about. These grades, joining of the university was only mad possible because they set a pace for me.Today I am able to run small business because I got a chance to study. I had a chance not to be send home on frequent moments again. Because I had a chance to education. Not because I was so lucky to be enrolled in the program but because the Lord had mercy upon my life.

I still hold on to this dream that I will one day help somebody else through this program who need help. I still hold on to the dream that one day I can be role model to those who have lost hope in life and encourage them that the Lord doeth even In our weakest moments of despair. If I made it to where I am today than they can also make it and become the true testimony.

December 2021

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