A Call for Accountable and Transparent Leadership

Press Statement


The NCCK Kericho County Coordinating Committee (CCC) in the South Rift Region, has met today March 12th, 2024 here at ACK Grace Conference Centre, Kericho. We have met to fellowship and reflect on issues affecting the residents of Kericho and Kenyans at large. We continue to uphold the country in prayer that we remain united, peaceful, and prosperous for all Kenyans. Further, we wish to share the following message with fellow Kenyans;

  1. The NADCO Process/Report

We appreciate the politicians’ efforts to unite Kenyans and address pertinent issues through the NADCO dialogue process. However, we foresee the positive and negative implications the NADCO process will have on the Constitution of Kenya. We urge that both the Kenya Kwanza government and the Azimio wing must ensure that Kenyans participate, and have adequate time to read and understand the NADCO process, particularly the proposed recommendations and Bills. It is our prayer that the NADCO process will not be skewed for the political interests of a particular political class or community.  We call for authenticity in the process and strongly urge the politicians to stop any schemes and tricks in the processes; we ask them to let us genuinely know and understand the good and bad of the NADCO’s possible outcomes.

Further, we propose

  1. That the NADCO report and the proposed Bills are accessible to all Kenyans and expose the process to public participation.
  2. Provide the NADCO report in both English and Kiswahili versions for all Kenyans to read and be informed about the document.
  3. The NADCO process should promote unity, equality, inclusivity, cohesion, and prosperity for all Kenyans.

As well, we call upon the opposition wing in Kenya to remain strong and desist from being ‘bought’ by the government. The opposition should not betray Kenyans by being available to the highest bidder. Multi-party democracy must be protected at all costs.

2. Sustained Security and Peaceful Co-existence in the Sondu Border Belt

We are grateful to God for the peace we are enjoying in Kericho and Kenya. The Church leaders believe and will endeavor to ensure that peace prevails through intentional engagement with relevant stakeholders and the community to see that Kenya remains secure, peaceful, and cohesive. 

We urge all Kenyans particularly the Sondu residents to desist any attempt from any person or process to threaten the peace and security they are currently enjoying.  The church pledges to work with the Kericho County Security Team in enhancing peace and security through monitoring and reporting perpetrators, incidences of violence, and insecurity in Kericho County. We urge the security team to arrest suspects and bring them to books.

3. Cushion Kenyans from Economic Hardships and Stop Corruption

We take note of the nationwide expression of concern with the state of the economy and the livelihoods of the citizens. It is of extreme importance that the government of Kenya accords the people’s hope by providing a context that enables them to rebuild and restructure their livelihoods.

Towards this, we call for responsive, accountable, transparent, and inclusive measures that will ensure:

  1. Wastage and theft of public resources are curtailed. Action must be taken to dissuade corruption at all levels and sectors of national and county governments.
  2. Government recurrent expenditure must be reduced to ensure that as a nation we live within our means.
  3. Members of the National Assembly and Senate should play their oversight role effectively in holding the government accountable for all resources and appointment matters, and report back to the electorate.
  4. Reduction of taxation levels to increase the disposable income of the citizens. This will facilitate businesses to take root and grow, thereby increasing the government’s tax income.
  5. Five, both state and public officers, commissions, and independent offices execute their mandates effectively to restore their credibility and accountability in the eyes of Kenyans. Any implied or apparent intimidation of officers in these institutions must be stopped.

Further to these, we reiterate our call for a public discourse on the national public debt to ensure that Kenyans pay only for the money borrowed and spent lawfully. In addition, the government needs to adopt fidelity and transparency in the acquisition and use of external borrowings. This will mitigate the nationwide perception that funds borrowed are ending up in the pockets of individuals. Let Kenyans know what is being borrowed in their name, and how it is spent.

4. Empower the Boy-Child

The NCCK Kericho CCC is greatly concerned that the state has lost focus on the boy-child in Kenyan society. We note that the negligence of the boy child starts right at the household level. This situation is worrying. The country needs measures to restore the dignity of the boy-child and we propose the following;

  1. Establish an affirmative fund for the boy child as well
  2. Economic Empowerment for the Male Youth
  3. Mental wellness of the boy child
  4. Holistic Mentorship support for the boy-child
  5. Purposeful campaign against drug and substance abuse among the youth


In conclusion, we rally the government to listen to the cries of suffering Kenyans due to the high cost of living and hard economic times.

We encourage Kenyans to remain hopeful, peaceful, and hardworking towards prosperity for all.

Signed on this day 12th March, 2024 at A.C.K Grace Conference Centre Kericho by:

Rev. Andrew Tum

NCCK Kericho CCC Chairman

June 2024

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