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Youth for Peace, Cohesion and Dignified Livelihoods

Youth for Peace, Cohesion and Dignified Livelihoods

Conference Communique


Just over 100 youths drawn from Nairobi and Kiambu counties have met here at Christian Students’ Leadership Center (Ufungamano House) on March 14 and 15, 2023 for the Nairobi Region Vijana Twaweza! Youth Conference on the theme “Youth for Peace, Cohesion and Dignified Livelihoods”. The deliberations during this forum were premised on the scripture recorded in Psalm 37: 37

Consider the blameless, observe the upright; there is a future for the man of peace.

During this Conference we have appreciated the youth in Kenya for hearing the call by the church and keeping peace before, during and after the 2022 General Elections. The efforts by youth across the country in peace messaging, demands for issue-based campaigns, and resisting incitement to violence bore fruit, and the country has remained calm. It is in this context that our focus has now shifted to our present and future wellbeing, and now share the following message.

1.         Enculture A Sense of Justice in Kenya

One of the greatest dangers facing our nation today is the pervasive sense of uncontrolled injustice in Kenya. Injustice and corruption are so ingrained in our social psyche that the average youth no longer expects the right thing to be done. Is the world as unjust as our parents are projecting it? Are the laws of Kenya merely toys for the rich and politically powerful to manipulate as they wish? Are there institutions of state in Kenya that actually execute their mandates?

We the youth of Kenya are asking.

2.         Do Right, Be Right

On our part, we the youth in Nairobi and Kiambu counties have made a firm commitment to continue promoting peace and cohesion in our localities, in addition to fighting for justice in the society. We will continue to advocate and push for youth to assume decision making positions so that we contribute to a more just, resilient and sustainable society. We will do all we can to avoid anarchy in our nation.

Further to this, we call upon the government and all other social and political leaders to promote and ensure justice for all, just as we all pray in the National Anthem: “Justice be our shield and defender”. There is indeed a critical need for a radical change in our socialization model so that Kenyans expect and witness justice, fairness and merit in every area of life.

3.         Support Dignified Livelihoods for the Youth

We have noted with concern that 85% of the unemployed population in Kenya comprises of youth aged 15 – 35 years. This is predisposing the youth to immense physical and psychological suffering, and opens them to manipulation by politicians and the elite. If this situation persists, then the peace, cohesion and security of the nation is not assured.

a) Youth Engagement in Entrepreneurship

Youth venturing into entrepreneurship continue to face myriad challenges and hindrances, the main one being the lack of a business mindset due to persistent glorification of salaried employment. We strongly recommend that the church and other non-government organisations organize trainings and capacity building for the youth on entrepreneurship.

On their part, we call upon the Nairobi and Kiambu County Governments to hold consultative forums with the youth to address the systemic and legal barriers that suppress business enterprises of the youth. Of essence is the reduction of taxes, levies and bureaucratic processes.

We also challenge the youth funding mechanisms established by the state to intensify their public education campaigns and engagement with the youth noting that less than a quarter of us are aware of the funds youth can access.

b)        Youth and Employment

Access to salaried employment by the youth continues to be hindered by corruption, nepotism, lack of relevant skills, and scarcity of jobs.

To remedy this, we in this Conference have appreciated the skilling programme by the NCCK that is aimed at enhancing employability of the youth. We call upon all other actors and partners to support such ventures to ensure effective matching of skills sets between employers and the youth.


In conclusion, we note that Kenya in the post election period remains calm, but can easily deteriorate if a culture and sense of justice is not enhanced across the country. Support for the youth to engage in entrepreneurship and enhance their employability will further safeguard the peace and cohesion of the nation.

On our part, we as youth will continue acting out the prayer we make in the National Anthem,

Let one and all arise, with hearts both strong and true; Service be our earnest endeavour; And the homeland of Kenya, Heritage of Splendour, Firm may we stand to defend

Signed on this 15th day of March 2023 at Ufungamano House, Nairobi

Rev George Mutembei

Youth Representative, NCCK Nairobi Region

Watson Odanga

Regional Manager, NCCK Nairobi Region

March 2023

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