Timothy Mwiti Kubai

I am Timothy; I was brought up in a village called Lubwene of which I enjoyed my short time with my lovely mum Lucy Nkatha till her demise in December 2003 leaving us behind as total orphans. Since our father had already died when I was still young. We were left 4 brothers of which nobody was employed. The situation became so challenging since our firstborn brother was in polytechnic having joined few months before the demise of my mother. This made him drop out and came home to take care of us three.

One day I attended the Church service, I had about the NCCK Garbatulla Children’s Home through the leaders of which they were really concerned about me and later I was introduced to the Home in 2004 and later I was taken to Garbatulla Children’s Home where I was brought up through motherly and fatherly care.

I studied at Nagaa Primary School up to class Six 2nd terms of which we were asked to go back to our homes due to an avoidable circumstances. As I went back to my family the situation became abit challenging since even raising food and paying for exams fee at my primary school was a problem

I completed my primary level at Mukuluu Primary school and managed to get 311 marks of which it was not my expectation following the marks I was getting previous back in Garbatulla Children’s Home. Willingly and supportively I was accorded a scholarship through NCCK to go for my secondary education at Miathene Boys High School.

My life in high school became at least meaningful although I faced some challenges like uniform, but I thank God through the support from the organization. My school fee was played in full. After complexion of my form four course at Miathene Boys Secondary School I was able to score a grade B Plain of which later on I got a letter of admission to Masinde Muliro University which I was to report on 5th September 2015. The situation became very tough, stressful and unlovely unto me since I had no idea on how it will happen unto me since I had received an information that their will be more scholarship after form four.

I went to the office at the NCCK Upper Eastern Region to ask for the way forward and unfortunately I was asked to talk to the community for the help., later on I pleaded with the community and the Church for an harambee of which it was successful since I was an active member of church.

I joined my University school on date 5th September 2015 after some months later I was able to acquire a cheque from NCCK which helped me to pay for second semester fees.

Currently am in my 2nd year study at pursuing a degree of Bachelor of education and arts. In my schools life and facing difficult in raising my house rent, fare food and other stuffs that is necessary for me in school study.

I will humbly ask for support from the organization to ensure that I complete my course well. So that I can be productive to the society and also help others that require attention and needy from me. Otherwise thank you for your continuing support unto me

June 2024

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