Timothy Kimathi


I am KIMATH TIMOTHY I am twenty three years of age from Nairiri village in Tigania West sub-county in Meru County. I am from a family of a single mother with two siblings. My mother and my two siblings have lived in harsh conditions of life for long until I met the mercy of God through National Council of churches in Kenya who came at the time I need help the most. It is back in 2009 when through wishers that I got the good story of the NCCK. I am currently a fifth year at Technical University of Kenya taking a bachelor in civil engineering

Before I got the sponsorship my family was in a state of poverty that I could not afford school fees. I spent most time out of school that the time I spent in school. It was hand to raise fees and I was losing hope of continuing with school it was through a well wishers and a friend of the family that saw our struggle and having been the best student at that time she offered to show me a way out of these struggle. The news about NCCK came to me and my family as a reliever. I saw hope and regained life to learn and be what I always wanted to be. I still hoped that my life will be well after the scholarship came my way.

Through the NCCK scholarship and mentorship programmes I have been able to be impacted positively and grown a positive altitude in approaching any problem and having hope for future. I have believed from what has happened in my life that no problem is permanent and can be solved.

My dreams for future is to build a career and make my own brand like the NCCK has done and the help the needy in the family and in the society. I pray that the almighty God may bless The NCCK that this initiative may last forever and help more who are needy as me so that they can realize their dreams and be people of resource in future. The hand that gives is more blessed than the hand that receives    

June 2024

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