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Statement by the Programmes Committee of the NCCK


NCCK General Secretary Rev. Canon Peter Karanja is flanked by members of the Programme Committee during a Press conference on the State of the Nation.



A. Preamble
The Programme Committee of the National Council of Churches of Kenya has today met here at Ufungamano House to review the state of the Nation following the Fresh Presidential Election held on 26th October 2017 and the subsequent declaration of the results.
We were encouraged by the exhortation found in Ephesians 6: 10-11
Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.
Having taken into consideration the events that played out on the socio-political scene since the annulment of the Presidential Elections by the Supreme Court on 1st September 2017, and especially noting the rhetoric coming from all political formations and the very active and toxic social media campaigns that have become Kenya’s second nature, we recognize that Kenya as a nation is hurting physically, emotionally and spiritually. We have reflected on these, and wish to share the following message.

B. Mourning Bishop Korir
We wish to share a message of condolence with the Eldoret Diocese of the Catholic Church, the entire Catholic Church family, and the entire nation following the sudden demise of Bishop Cornelius Korir. He has left a gap in the religious leadership of this nation that will not be easily filled.

C. Message of Condolence
We take this moment to pass a message of condolence to the families of all our brothers and sisters who have been killed during the skirmishes between police and demonstrators. We pray that God will give you strength and consolation as you mourn your loved ones. We are also praying for those who were injured, including police officers, quick and complete recovery.
We nonetheless note with great sorrow that once again, innocent blood has been sacrificed at the altar of political competition and militancy for no good reason. From the obtaining reports, some of those who died allegedly in the hands of police may have been innocent Kenyans who were caught up in the fracas while not actually engaging in criminal activity.

D. Respect the Sanctity of Human Life
We strongly condemn the choice of politicians and their followers who engage in activities that breach our laws, thereby exposing vulnerable Kenyans to danger. We also condemn the ugly incidents involving police excesses in Nyanza and other parts of Kenya, occasioning the unnecessary loss of lives and injury. Whereas we appreciate the difficult circumstances under which our security agencies operate, it is our considered opinion that in most cases, they resort to use of live bullets yet there is opportunity to use non-lethal means of riot control.
Whatever the circumstances, we remind the police to always seek to protect the sanctity of human life. We also call upon the Independent Policing Oversight Authority to expeditiously investigate the circumstances surrounding every death so that those found culpable can be prosecuted.

E. Outcome of the Fresh Presidential Election
The NCCK recognizes that on 1st of September 2017, the Supreme Court made a ruling that required the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to conduct Fresh Presidential Election within 60 days in line with the country’s Constitution and attendant laws. In line with that ruling, Kenyans were accorded an opportunity to exercise their civic duty on 26th October 2017.
We recognize that the election was boycotted by the National Super Alliance. Nevertheless, the IEBC organized the elections and yesterday declared Hon Uhuru Kenyatta the winner and thus the President Elect. This is in line with their constitutional mandate.
Appreciably, the Fresh Presidential Election has been contested as regards its legitimacy. To continue promoting the rule of law, we urge any Kenyans who are aggrieved to take advantage of the Constitutional provisions that allow for filing of petitions at the Supreme Court of Kenya. We must not allow ourselves to express our grievances through means that undermine the Constitution.

F. National Divisions And Grievances
This election has left the country grossly divided along ethnic and political lines. This has greatly strained our national unity, and exposed the country to inter ethnic conflicts as has started emerging in the recent past. These ethnic conflicts expose the country to anarchy.
We call for tolerance and urge Kenyans not to threaten the lives of others. Let our diversity be a building block for unity.

G. National Divisions And Grievances
Admittedly, however, these divisions are expressions of unresolved grievances and perceptions of exclusion and denial of dignity of the opposition by the arrangement of power as defined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010.
We note and support the calls for dialogue by all actors to resolve this underlying problem that cannot be resolved through elections. We also appreciate the undertaking by the President-elect that if confirmed at the expiry of the electoral process, he is willing to reach out to the leadership of the opposition and engage in dialogue. We urge that this dialogue is expanded to be a national conversation that includes all Kenyans so as to harness our diversities.
We urge all Kenyans to affirm this process and invest energies in clarifying ways of addressing the gaps and strengthening both our governance and nationhood.

H. NCCK Proposal On The Way Forward
In our last Programme Committee meeting, we invited Kenyans to consider a constitutional amendment that would address this problem. We hereby restate the proposal and appreciate that it can be improved.
We recommend that Kenyans through Parliament amend the Constitution to provide for:-

a) Expansion of the Executive to provide for the President to appoint a Prime Minister and two Deputies as part of the Executive of the winning party or coalition. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers will sit on the cabinet and may answer questions in Parliament. These positions can be ascribed other names.

We hasten to add that this is an expanded executive of the winning party or coalition and is NOT a Nusu Mkate arrangement. If coalitions are made with parties or individuals who ran for elections outside the winning party or coalition, it would be at the discretion of and under the unequivocal leadership of the elected president.

b) Restoration of the position of Leader of the Official Opposition as was in the old constitution and creation of the Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament. These positions will be occupied by nominees of the political party or coalition which meets a set criteria who may be the Presidential Candidate and Running Mate who obtain the second highest number of votes in a Presidential Election. This is necessary if we are to provide dignity for the opposition and an effective and facilitated mechanism of holding the government to account.


We conclude by calling on Kenyans to tolerate each other and purpose to live in harmony. Let us focus on what brings us together and the unique opportunities presented that make Kenya stand out in this region. As we do that, we should always bear in mind that in order not to allow politics to divide us, we must deal with each other honestly and authentically without evading our contradictions. We must seize the available opportunities to entrench our democracy and operationalise both the letter and spirit of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

God bless Kenya.
Signed on this 31st day of October 2017 at Ufungamano House, Nairobi.

Archbishop Mophat Kilioba
Chairperson, Programmes Committee

Rev Canon Peter Karanja
General Secretary

July 2024

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