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Reprogramme Ministry – Church and Covid-19 Conference

The church in Kenya and the entire globe needs to reprogramme ministry to effectively evangelize and disciple in a world being rapidly transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic. This was the core message of the Church and Covid-19 Conference organized by the NCCK on 12th August 2020.

With more than 460 church leaders and clergy actively engaged on Zoom and more than 5,000 on Facebook, the Conference was the largest forum to be held in Kenya to reflect on the impact of Covid-19 on the church and family and the coping mechanisms that need to be considered. The Church and Covid-19 Conference was based on the theme “Troubled but not Destroyed”, drawn from 2 Corinthians 4: 8-9.

Speaking during the Conference, Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki, the Chairman of NCCK, urged churches to embrace programmes aimed at empowering worshippers to address the problems they face at community level. The Archbishop noted that the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP) being implemented in the Africa Brotherhood Church had heightened a sense of servant leadership and ownership of the church by the members. Notably, the members actually gave more in offerings during the lockdown period of the pandemic than they had previously.

To promote effective ministry in a post-Covid-19 era, the church was challenged by Rev Edward Buri innovate new modes of preaching, to inject technology, to intervene on the moral scene, and to employ an inter-disciplinary approach. This call was echoed by Rev Canon Francis Omondi, who noted that practice of Christianity was shifting from the church sanctuaries to the homes and offices of believers.

Speaking in the same Conference, Bishop Phillip Kitoto advised parents to boldly lead their families through the rapidly changing world else the current and coming generations will be lost. He challenged them to seek to be informed with knowledge and understanding of what is happening, and to teach sound doctrines in a holistic manner.

Participants appreciated the Conference, and requested for similar ones at the Regional and County levels so as to reach more church leaders and clergy with the message.

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