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Peter Mangara Kamotho


DATE:    7th DECEMBER 2017


I am Peter Mangara Kamotho, one of the NCCK beneficiaries.  This year, having been born in 1994, I have celebrated my 23rd birth day.  I was brought up in a village names satima in Wanjohi Sub-County, Nyandarau County.  However, it would be imperative to indicate that I also grew up in other different villages and sub-counties which depended on various situations that I encountered in my life.  As I look back over the years of my life, I realize what an incredible amount of transformation I have experienced.  I am always willing to share my story with other people in hopes that at least one person can find the encouragement and inspiration one may need to make a vital step in life.  In this perspective, the following highlights key aspects of my story.

Family background

To every child, family acts as the most important aspect of life.  In particular, a family creates an important influence on the emotional and physical development of a child.  Personally, I was brought up in family constituting of 6 children.  However, unlike other children in the neighborhood, I didd no bet the previlege of being brought up by both parents nor growing together with brothers and sisters as one family.  In particular, my parents divorced long before I could acknowledge the importance of being brought up in a stable family.  Having been left with my dad and two others, elder sister and brother, we would go through one of the toughest periods in my life. In my view, I attribute the toughness of the period with my father’s action of irresponsible parenting.  He would leave us and he did not concern himself with what we were going through.  Consequently, my grandmother had to intervene and brought three of us into her house.  A year passed with no whereabouts of our dad.  When he came back, we have to move away from my grandmother, but unlike other parents, he engaged in drugs where alcohol and bang was his main recipe of almost every day.  As the youngest among the three of us, I would later be left by the two elder brother and sister upon completing their class 8.  Life was tough and as a result, I decided to run away and join my mother.  Life was also challenging with mother mostly considering the fact that she depended on casual labour, which could not support our basic needs.  However, together with my uncle and after performing wll in KCPE, I was able to join High School.  In 2010, I was able to become a beneficiary of a scholarship programm offered by NCCK.  Thus, I was in high school when I was enrolled in the scholarship programme.  Having been granted that favour, I have currently completed my university degree.

Situation prior to intervention

As indicated, upon completing my KCPE and earning 403 marks, my uncle sacrificed to pay for my first term in form one and my mother could do the rest.  In my mind, I was certain that my mother couldnt afford the fare to school leave alone  the fees.  After completing the first term successfully, it was my mother’s turn to pay the second term fees.  For the first time, I almost made a decision to run away from home and cease my lifetime dream, of acquiring education.  This was brought about by the fact that I knew my mother ws struggling to afford basic leave alone the school fees.  Also considering the fact that my uncle had a family of six, four of them in school, my hope and dream of acquiring education appeared blurred.  However, my uncle notice that fact that my mother could not afford a quarter of the stipulated fees.  Thus he presumed the role of paying the school with some little assistance from unpredictable CDF.  In my view, he was struggling considering that he had his own family members to care for and with no real time job, operating as a middle businessman.  This continued to be tough as the time went on until when my chemistry teacher whom prior to this,m we only knew each other in classroom approached me and notified me about NCCK scholarship programe.

The intervention

Upon being notified and sharing my life story to my chemistry teacher, I was able to fill forms for the application of the unprededented and exceptional NCCK scholarship programme.  On December 2010, I was able to submit my scholarship application to the NCCK Regional office in Nyeri.  By January 2011, the NCCK covered 80% of my school fees, which one of the vital caring act whichever came to my life.  To me  the scholarship was a changer, which defined my life entirely. In particular, were it not for the intervention from the NCCK fraternity, I definitely would not have completed secondary education.  In this regard, I owe a lot of gratitude to all the whole NCCK fraternity.

The change and dreams for future

To everyone, who knew my life and family background, it would be admissible to state that the intervention completely transformed my life.  prior to this my hopes were blurred and I was unsure of my life.  A part from education related transfornmation associated with the intervention, my life took another dimension, as I was able to change spiritually and emotionally.  Thus, the intervention holistically transformed my life to be whom I am today.  Having successfully completed my university level education, I endeavour to undertake a master’s degree. Moreover, as part of my life, I would pay back to society by helping destitute in the community just like NCCK did to me.  Although there are various challenges both mental and emotional linked with the upbringing, I have been able to conquer the majority of them while building a better future.  For some of the challenges, I am able to embrace life as it is rather them how I wish it to be.

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