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The transformative power of education is as difficult to qualify as it may be to describe. So powerful it is that man hasn’t yet been able to fabricate an instrument (calibrated or otherwise) that can measure this power. This power best seen in the subtle modifications that characterize the lives of those who choose to excel in it.

Growing up under the care of a maternal aunt, I developed an identity as “woud Nyamin” (son of my sister). My aunt made reference to this identity on a day to day basis and whenever the need for introduction arose. I lost this identity upon graduating from Moi University. To date, my aunt would rather introduce me as a graduate. My (former) identity seems to have a single mother withered out of her memory, Subtle.

I was born to a single mother of three boys. To date, I am still unsure why my aunt coined my former identity. However, I suggested it has something to do with the hardships she faced as she tried to fend for my physical and educational needs. In 2006, she must have been relieved when NCCK came to her rescue with respect to my educational needs. Joining NCCK secondary school scholarship program was the beginning of an educational journey that’s well on the way to its peak.

I left secondary school (Otieno Oyoo High) in 2008 and joined Moi University in 2010. Again in the NCCK was there with me through my four years of tertiary learning. I got a cheque from the council every semester for all my eight semesters. This time not for school fees but for assistance with my subsistence.

I am now a freelance writer and trained Public Administrator specialist. In the Alumni circles, I am commonly referred to as the “hustler by choice” I am proud that I have been able to thrive as a writer despite not having had formal training for this. That is what education does. Today I look at Grace, Gladys and the entire NCCK team with great admiration. I am proud that I made them proud when the council gave me the opportunity to stay in school.

I ahev got big dreams and aspirations. Today, some of which I might not have had if I’d dropped out of school at secondary level. Mine is a trajectory that will culminate in an outstanding epilogue. That’s for sure. In the present moment, the world is my oyster. Once this trajectory takes shape/off you will have to catch me if you can. I can bet you won’t.

Thank you NCCK for believing in me! The best of me is yet to come! Five thumbs up!

Paul Nyawanda

June 2024

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