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NAME:                   NGEI YOUTH GROUP


DATE:                    15th November, 2013




The beneficiary is a group of college students. The college students are a mix of both gender, male and female ranging from the ages of eighteen to twenty four years. The NGEI YOUTH GROUP counts these as a great success to convince their fellow youths to know all about HIV. Thereby starting with basic knowledge about the disease and finally getting to know their status.



College students are a mix of morals both justifying wrong and right. However, not all are right in their decisions. In the same way, there are diverse in their views and opinions about life and current global issues such as the war against HIV.


Before the intervention, the college students did not take care seriously the disease. They viewed it as a disease of the ‘weak’, unlearned and ‘for them’ meaning the others not them as individuals. Most of them were unaware of basic knowledge about the disease as they termed it as primary school syllabus, meaning there are not kids.


Basically, college is termed as ‘the life’. The place to explore life, to enjoy life and not necessarily in the right way. Most of the ladies in college practicing unprotected sex leading to situations of STI’s and STDs whereas the males were involved in unprotected sex as well, alcohol abuse that had an effect in their education and a habit built in their life. The condition before the intervention can be well described as: worrying and alarming.



Thanks to NCCK financial support, the HIV awareness has gone a long way. Outreaches in schools, churches and to youths out of organizational structures has been a great milestone. The financial support has contributed to good fruits that in the future, there will be a story to tell and legacy that stands firm and true.


The financial support has led to:-


  1. Development of the debates and talks in high schools regarding HIV and its other elements.
  2. Awareness in youths. Having the basic know how of measures and symptoms.
  3. A high turn up in youths wanting to know their status especially college students.
  4. Primary school children realizing who they are and that the theory of HIV is practical. This is in the sense that HIV is real, preventable and measures to living a healthy reproductive life as practical.
  5. Referrals to the Resource Centre and to the District Hospital.



The youths especially high school and college students have changed for the better.


b)     Moral Change

College students have changed their morals by realizing they are precious people. They have learnt to live in a manner that safe guards them against the disease. Morally, they have turned to be role models in the society. College students have encouraged their colleagues and highs school students have impacted themselves and their primary school friends and siblings.


ii)   Mind-set change

College students have changed how they perceive life. They have taken it upon themselves to be an example of change. Classmates here in college have taken the war personally by writing up a contract to visit a VCT to be counseled and tested by specialists on HIV. The contracts ensure their build their friendship and openness thereby building a class of people and generation that embraces each other.


Students have realized that its all about them and the reproductive life their want. That’s a success because when one group is impacted, the rest embrace the example and take the challenge. The behavioural change is contagious and is now a fun journey to travel.

iii)     Behavioral Change

College ladies have realized the effect of unprotected sex. Some have come out as referrals with symptoms of STI’s and STD’s and they have gotten medical help. College males have realized the effect of alcohol and drug abuse as well as unprotected sex.


Ladies are more aware and thus a model of change by taking abstain programme to their key while the men have embraced ATM cards as their message. ATMs meaning Abstaining Totally Till Marriage. However, not all are angles that’s why both ladies and men have taken M4 RH services to help them through the journey.



Global fund has come to an end but that not the end of he NGEI YOUTH GROUP. Our plans for the future are well placed and laid down hence we are still on the project and the vision is still bright. This is based on passion and character in built in the members.



Thank you for the support. Your support has brought a great impact and we greatly appreciate. The change you made in the lives of many youths is a generation you have raised and a legacy that you have built thus, in future, you will be proud of your initiative. Thank you NCCK and may God Lord bless you abundantly.

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