This story is based on a true life experience experienced by me Eugene Wekesa, aged 19 years from Maliki village Kibabii sub county and Bungoma county.

I have been raised by a single parent family. This is because my mother passed away when I was when I was age of four leaving me under the care of father who is a peasant farmer growing small scale crops for a living.

I was enrolled in the scholarship programme in the year 2014 while a student at Friends school kamusinga ,am happy because National council of churches of Kenya helped me pay me fees till I finished my secondary education in the year 2016. And attained a mean grade of A-.

Before being granted the scholarship I was not at peace in school because each end of the month I was on the road to my home due to huge fee arrears. This greatly affected me negatively in my academics despite the fact that some well wishers would come in and help me at time.

My father got to know of the scholarship through the church bishop who knew our struggles back at home, using one word the situation before the scholarship was very uncomfortable compared to after receiving the help.

I am more than grateful to NCCK but still wish they would help me settle at the university being my 1st year at the cooperative university of Kenya.

Light at the end of the tunnel will be my story now and many more days to come. God bless NCCK.