My name is Ouya Fredrick aged 25 years at the University of Nairobi and a fourth year student. I come from Western region, Vihiga County, Ekwanda Sub County in Ebumbayi village.

I remember in my usual red color life was never smooth; it seemed to be rough nevertheless God has plans for us and that is the big secret towards our purpose and achieving our destiny.

The NCCK to me was just a miracle confused and not knowing what to do my worried mother who wanted to see me in school pitied me when she saw me back from school due to lack of school fees, there was nothing to be given thus had to be sent back with a word from my farther ‘I will see him tomorrow”.

On the same day we had a function at our school and being a head student I was organizing for the function, I remember being called in the principal’s office little did I know that I had been recognized and was to apply for scholarship that marked the revival towards my white life.

I never imagined it would have been but it did happen, the scholarship has made me whom I am today. My aspiration to help the needy is still very fresh in my goals, I trust God to reach my goals .I thank God for bringing NCCK in my education life .God bless you NCCK and increase you abundantly.