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Our Mission


To transform lives through ecumenism, capacity building, advocacy and service delivery.


Our Vision2

Our Vision

One Church; United in Faith and Mission Witnessing to Jesus Christ and Transforming Lives.

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Our Values

In pursuing its Christian calling, the Council shall uphold:

  • Integrity through accountability and transparency;
  • Stewardship through sound resource management;
  • Professionalism through competence and efficiency;
  • Partnership by collaborating with others;
  • Servant-hood through fair and humble service.
Mission & Vision


Narok County



My name is Tarkash Jecinta Sereya I was born in Kotorian Village, Ololulunga Ward in Narok south sub- county Narok County. I was born in April 1993 25 years old.

I was born in family of eight children, five boys and three girls I am the second born. My mother is a house wife and my herdsman. I also come an extended family where my father has two wives, my step mother has ten children making a total of twenty one members in our family. I was enrolled to the scholarship programme in 2007. When I was joining my form one, at Christ the King Academy Nakuru to 2012 when I was joining Kenya medical training collage Nakuru Currently working as a registered clinical officer in St Elizabeth Health Centre Narasura Narok County.

My situation before joining scholarship programme was hell on earth if I may say. Coming from a Maasai community where education was not valued than marriage this made my life very challenging and very difficult going to primary school was like climbing Mt. Kenya in a single day which is very impossible I grew up in a community where by marriage was highly appreciated than education. I wanted to become a doctor by profession but nobody had ever done any medicine in the whole community or even to give anybody guidance on what to do.

During my primary education I used to face a lot of challenges because my father wanted me to get married so that that he can get alcohol and some herds of cattle. He was not in a position to pay our school fees because he thought it was a waste of time since in Maasai culture educating a girl child was a waste of time and it was a curse since they believe that girls are a source of wealth in term of marriage. I used to spend of time out of since sometimes we were sent back home to collect our school fees and that was our father’s happiness since it was his time to bring husbands for us and I had to run away for sometime. I remember vividly I could spend almost a whole term without going back to school due to lack of money and school uniform.

My mother used to struggle very much to raise us and take us back to school and I thank God for her. She used to struggle very much to extend of selling local alcohol such as Busaa and Changaa in order to provide our school fees. I used to pass a lot of difficulties before joining the scholarship programme and I thank God for bringing me this far. Other big challenge was that I was not able to get a single pair of school uniform since it was a big challenge I used to borrow from student who were completing their studies.

The other problem I faced was I wasn’t able to do my homework at home since electric was histay in our village and also purchasing kerosene was also another big issue. I used to study till late at school in order to make sure I had finish my homework it’s also an issue going home late in the evening, was also an issue since I used to go to fetch firewood and water for the family. Going to school early in the morning was also a bit difficult since I had to wake up early in the morning and help my mother to milk our cattle before going to school.

In our community, when I was in my primary education the level of education was very low since the most learned person in the whole village is a class eight of a form two drop out so nobody was in a potion to advice anybody on the importance of education and also importance issue such as career education. We used to live in a total dark area where the only talk of the day is early marriage and circumcision which contributed to high rate of poverty. Any girl trying to workhand in school was never appreciated in the whole society.

After completing my studies in Kenya Medical Training College and managed to became a Kenya Registered Clinical Officer through the help of this scholarship programme I was able to come back home and back to our community once again I was able to buy some herds to my dad and through the hard work my father was able to appreciate my education and my hard work. He was able to bless me and he is now in a position to appreciate education and discourage early marriage to the community.

Many girls have been educated now and early marriage is now at a low rate unlike the previous years. In our village girl child education is highly appreciated and many more girls are working hard towards achieving their goals. I thank God and this scholarship since my mother became a believer and a follower of Christ the day I was awarded the scholarship. She stopped the bad business of local alcohol and became a Christian and she joined good business and she is known as a great business lady.

God had really raised me from grass to grace and from zero to hero since my life have changed completely and my family and the entire community. First and for most I can say I have changed both physically and emotionally and mentally plus spiritually. Spiritually I really appreciate and understand that the God we serve is a true and loving God. And I believed that our God is who is alive and he is the God who makes a way where seems to be no way since the day I joined this scholarship to date I knew I serve a true and everlasting God. Secondly through this programme our village have changed also since they longer value marriage they have understood the importance of education and their benefits and every parent is in a position to make ends meet for their children and we also thank God for that.

The community is also embracing the word of God since they now believe in the Most High God. My dream in the future is that every girl child in our community is in a position to excess good education and early marriage should be zero percentage. I hope and believe one day early marriage will be history in our community and education of a girl child should be a priority in the community.

Am also dreaming to further my career in order to get money to help some people in our society to achieve their dreams. The bigger challenge is that the level of education is still low in our community so we are hoping to go back to the community and educate them on the importance of education and importance of knowing the Most High God and the disadvantages of early education. I also have a big challenge in terms of job so am hoping to get a good and well-paying job in order to achieve my dreams of changing someone’s lives the way mine was transformed.

We narrated the whole story to him and he was touched because he was a God fearing man of God he accommodated the two of us that night and in the morning he called us and interned us that he is going to help me secure a scholarship in NCCK programme.

He helped me apply the scholarship and with God’s power I managed to get the scholarship and my dreams begins once again and I was called for an interview at Christ the King Academy and I was able to secure the potion and I joined my secondary education where by my life was changed drastically and that’s why I called raising from grass to grace since I was able to study hard without any complains since my school fees was no longer an issue even studying late at night was also not an issue by that time since I was in a boarding school so the level of stress was reduced totally. I also work extra hard in my secondary education since I never wanted to take that chance for granted and knowing very well that it was a sufficient Grace.

I was able to finish my secondary education in 2010 and managed to get a B stand and through the help of this scholarship programme I managed to join Kenya Medical Training Collage KMTC Nakuru in 2011 and graduated in 2015 and finished my internship in April 2016.

Since my father didn’t took the matter lightly we became enemies from the day iron away from the so caved husband my father wasn’t happy since he was not able to get the herds of cattle and the many blanks and alcohol he was aiming to get. He was not happy to hear that I got the scholarship and even after completing my high school I was almost being chased away from the community since it was a very bad omen for a girl to run away from the husband in the whole community so very many people were against me together with my mother who was chased back to her parents.

I read and work hard very hard through thin and thick and I managed to finished my class eight KCPE in 2006 and managed to get 373marks and this was my end of education as per my family since my struggling mother was not in a position to provide me with my high school education. I knew it was the end since my father was not even understanding the meaning of education by that time, rather than he already knew that am already late to get married so it was his high time for me to get married as soon as possible since he had waited for long.

In February 2007 I was selected to join Maasai girls high school and on admission letter was brought I was happy to saw it but disappointed because I knew it was the end of my education since my family wasn’t in a position to provide transport only leave alone education fee. The day I was to be enrolled to Maasai girl’s high school my dad came at home with three men and in that evening I was called and told this is your husband if I was not wrong the man was older than my father. My mother was also called and informed that Jacinta is officially married to this man of three wives so I was going to be the fourth one I cried without able to control myself and my mother had nothing to say but also cried vividly since a wife In Maasai community had nothing to suggest rather than to adhere to the rules of the husband.

I slept knowing that tomorrow will be the end of my dreams in the mid-night my mother tip toed to the place I used to sleep and whispered my name I woke up slowly with tears still rolling down my cheeks towards my mother’s voice I knew she loved me and she loved education only she wasn’t able to raise my school fees so I don’t developed any garage towards her unlike my father by that time. I went and mother and she informed me that “I want you to run away tonight to your uncle’s home that is “my father’s brother” and informed him about the whole story” she took me that night to my uncle place since it was not very far.

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