Ekai moses shamala is a humble human creature whose ambition is to become a responsible person in the society. I am twenty three years old. I come from Mettah village Njoro sub-county in the larger Nakuru county.

I come from a humble background. I was raised by a single mother. Being single and jobless gave her a big challenge in bringing up her children and also providing quality education for them. She went through difficult times, working casually with low wages and tried to gather some amounts to pay for my school fees and to put bread on the table.

2011 Is the year in which I was admitted to Nairobi school. My life was never settled in the first two years. Although I was hard working, my performance never met the standards of the school. I was sent home more often with my demand note reading heavy balances only to come back with decimal reduction. This made me to spend more time at home than in school.

The time went by and I end up in a state of hopelessness but I thank God for the NCCK scholarship. I became one of the beneficiaries in the year 2012. From then my life changed. My performance improved drastically and I started seeing more hope in my educational life. I was allowed to stay in school and continued with my studies without interruptions.

My parent had an easy time in raising up the rest of the kids. She gained her self worth and a dream of giving education to her children was seen fulfilled upon my sponsored education. Thanks to the NCCK organization for this effort that brought joy to me and also my family and the entire community.

The heavy balances discouraged not only my parent but also the neighbors who organized for small fund raising which could not even reduce the balance by quarter. Most of the villagers could not afford because most of them are below poverty line.

The intervention of the NCCK is one of the factors that has led to my current placement in Laikipia University. After all the struggle I still managed to clear from Nairobi School with 71 B+ grade in my KCSE.

Through God’s grace and mercy am now at Laikipia University pursuing Biochemistry. I have undergone spiritual transformational guidance, having known that God cares much about me. I was born again and I worship in the ministry of Repentance and Holiness.

My dream of prosperity is still in progress having fulfilled the major steps. How I pray is that God continue showering the NCCK with endless blessings and also giving them the grace of moving in with their support.