My name is Adoket Philip Kiptoo, am 32 years old, a resident of Nginyang village in Tiaty East sub-County in Baringo County.

Am a son to the late Joseph Adoket Katagh and Eunice Adoket who were all jobless even before the demise of my father when I was about to sit on my KCPE examination in 2001.

As I sat my KCPE exam with lots of frustrations and pain of losing a father, Rev. Canon Christopher Chochoi who was and still my spiritual parent in ACK Nginyang Church kept on encouraging me with ward of God and thought me never to lose hope, and that God will open away and you will join secondary school to pursue your dreams. I took that as just but an encouragement of a human heart but back of your mind, my father will never come back to life again. The exam was over and there came result and I was call to join one of the district schools “Chemolingot High School” there commence a difficulty on how to get even requirements leave alone fees which was 22,500 shillings per annum by then, cause my parent had nothing “the mother” but a house wife.

The story got worse when my brother injured someone in our village who was suspected to have bewitched my father. That family came and took 3 goats and 1 sheep that we had plus 6 chickens and more so burnt our house.

Well wishers therefore had to cheep in including administration they organised for mini-harambee only to get ksh. 12,000 which made me to buy some form 1 requirement and give kshs. 6000 as a start fees. I survive on favour of other relatives and well wishers with no assurance that I was going to finish my high school level of education. It was in and out of school between the terms in form one (1) and two till when ven Canon Chochoi who is still a member of NCCK give to me an advice about NCCK and that they can assist in providing me with scholarship because I was an active youth leader in the church, he then went on and provided me with a form in which I filled for the requests of the sponsorship and after some time there come an acceptance that NCCK will be sponsoring me on condition that you pay 20% of the fees required.

These come as a down to me and we were very appreciative and thankful for that. I therefore had to pull up my socks until my socks until I finished in the year 2005 and obtain a mean grade of C- after which I had to join institute of advanced technology to pursue a diploma course in business and ICT for 2 years having again the previous fees challenges and this time round being a first born, I had to struggle for my other brothers and sisters at high schools and primary because my mother could not do that since she was not learned. I finished my course in 2009 without having celebration on graduation.

At the present having no employment, I decided to commence a business from the money I got on my charitable service, am married, I had a wedding ceremony on 19th December 2015. Currently living with my wife and a young baby boy.