NAME:  Rev. Githaiga

REGION:  Central

COURSE: HIV & AIDS Counselling

As the Bible says in Hos.4:6, “God’s people perish out of ignorance. For a long time people have lived in denial on issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS. After attending the seminar in Nakuru, I was able to organize seminars encouraging people to be open and know their status. I as well encourage PLWHA to take life positively and others not to be judgemental. To fight stigma, people should not take AIDS as a punishment from God or as a result of sin. When one knows his/her status, he/she is able to live positively and take the right measures. It is also wise to understand that anyone can acquire the virus. Taking preventive measures is important because prevention is better than cure.

The best cure is educating all and never getting weary of doing good. Christ is concerned with all people irrespective of gender or other status and thus, we should love all with his love. Like the case of the woman brought to Jesus with intention of being stoned due to adultery sin, we should not throw stones to others because we are no better.