DATE:    7th DECEMBER 2017

I am Wycliffe Mureti, aged 17 years. I hail from Ishiara in Mbeere North, Embu County.  I come from a single parent family, who is my mother and I am the only child. My mother runs a small scale business in the village. I enrolled to the scholarship pragram in 2015. I finished my Form Four education and high school course and waiting eargely to join the university next year.

Prior to the scholarship, I alsmost changed schools, from the National school l was admitted to a more convenient lower school, but with the scholarship I was able to complete my studies successfully in the national school I was admitted in. I got to know about the scholarship through referral of my church clergy.

The sponsorship program was able to sucesssfully intervene and pay my school fees which had been accumulating. I sincerely thank all the stakeholders for the intiation of this program, for what they did for me and for all the others.The program has brought change in my life, helping increase my faith in God and improve my studies. It has also uplifted my family’s standard of living.

My dream is to join the University of Nairobi next year to pursue Law and to contribute to the continuity of the sponsorship program when I am through with my studies.