DATE:      7th DECEMBER 2017

My name is Hannah Wanjiru. I am 17 years old and I live in Lari subcounty Kiambu county. I come from a single parent family composing of my mother a primary school teacher, and my two elder brothers. My father left in  2005 when the burden became too heavy for him to bear. My mother has struggled trying to bring us up and to give us the best.

I got the scholarship in year 2015 when I was in form two. Currently, I have just completed my form four course waiting for the announcement of results.

I got to know about the scholarship through our former school’s guidance and counselling department that led in the choosing of the prospective scholars. Before I got this scholarship, I had many issues of being sent home for having balances yet my mother had to cater also for my brothers, who by then were in campus.

Through the scholarship, it has helped me make the best in my education since my perfomance has improved greately and significantly. I have not wasted any more time being at home while others are at school.

I aspire to become an electronics and electrical engineer in future.I woul like to join the University of Nairobi but hopefully if I get a scholarship will study abroad, perhaps in South Africa I will also go ahead and begin a foundation like this one to assist children from humble backgrounds to get  education like I did. I would not want any other person to go through any problems like I did.