Our Mission

Our Mission


To transform lives through ecumenism, capacity building, advocacy and service delivery.


Our Vision2

Our Vision

One Church; United in Faith and Mission Witnessing to Jesus Christ and Transforming Lives.

Our Values2

Our Values

In pursuing its Christian calling, the Council shall uphold:

  • Integrity through accountability and transparency;
  • Stewardship through sound resource management;
  • Professionalism through competence and efficiency;
  • Partnership by collaborating with others;
  • Servant-hood through fair and humble service.
Mission & Vision

Testimonies by NCCK Beneficiaries

Charles Mwangi

NAME:                  Charles Mwangi


DATE:                    15th November, 2013


a)     Didn’t know how to document and didn’t take documentation seriously.


b)     They made the group / me active by facilitating the activities


c)      Am now a confident leader and a good facilitator


d)     To keep good documentation


e)     I have volunteered my time


f)        I plan to volunteer my time and do peer to peer sessions for my peers


NCCK to keep communicating with us and partner with us in other projects.


James Muhia

NAME:   Rev. James Muhia

REGION:  Central


After training in HIV/AIDS I was able to encourage the members of my parish on how to take care of those who are living with HIV/AIDS.

One Sunday I welcomed all those who were HIV positive in the church and gave them a chance to greet the congregation. They did it and encouraged the member to go for tests because them, they had known their status. This became the most happy moment of their lifes. They started feeling a sense of belonging in the church.

The church started involving them in the church activities and they participated wholeheartedly. This opened a door for other members of the community desiring to come in the church. I used to organize for a fellowship of all the persons living with HIV/AIDS once or twice a week in the church. They would turn up nd we shared the word of God. After fellowship, we used to eat together and plan for the next meeting. I used to visit them during the clinic day in the Health Centre where we used to prayer before they get their medication. This was a great succeess after training.

Am still keeping this spirit and am very happy about it.


Joseck Ananda – Ngei Youth Group

NAME:                   Joseck Ananda – Ngei Youth Group


DATE:                    14th November, 2013



a)     Before the Intervention

Before the intervention of NCCK on the basis of HIV prevention and treatment, I was a victim of stigma and discrimination. This was brought about in early 2001 when my dad died with AIDs when in my class eight. The death of my father affect even my studies which I was forced by the situation to repeat not only once but twice in Std.8 class in different schools and the last school I went was so interior in Mogotio division Rongai constituency. My mum was the only bread winner. But of course infected. Through an NGO called SWAK (Society of Women with AIDs in Kenya) my mum was able to get all the information and training on matters of HIV/AIDS. This create a platform and foundation for me to manuevor in the field of public speaking and facilitation on HIV prevention and treatment. Life was really tough and uneasy, to cut the story short.


b)     The Nature of Invention.

NCCK came in through the provision of a training on HCT and prevention of HIV. Above all they facilitated financially all the outreaches hence making the facilitation / passage of information much easier.


c)     How my life changed

After the invention of NCCK, I was able to gain my self esteem and come out in support of my mother to help the community around get informed on issues of HIV/AIDS on 2009 I got my certificate of a certified peer educator through USAID/APHA II Project. I took this opportunity of been a peer educator to act as a facilitator on outreaches and trainings. I have worked with Maprycks Theatres Gilgil as their facilitators and K-Note as peer educator. Am also gland to be this year Mr. Y-PEER. (A project under APHIA plus for modeling of the best peer educators in the South rift.)


d)     What I was not able to do before the intervention

Without the start information on HIV/AIDS from the training I could not be in a position to speak on HIV/AIDs also myself esteem would also be so down in a point of never be a facilitator of any talk. But now I can stand proud and talk of my life experience and change someones perspection of life to better.

e)     As the current MR. Y-PEER, I have initiate a campaign of Home Based Care for PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) among the community members in my locality. Also on the same capacity I am in the upfront on the VMMC (Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision) at Gilgil a programme under APHIA plus on prevention of HIV on men. Am also a children offer voluntary working through the K-Note Resource Centre in Gilgil where I serve as facilitator and a link up of street children with their families. I also mann but in voluntary bases K-Note Youth Resource Centre where I offer information to peer educators around gilgil on new trends on HIV/AIDS.


f)       Plan for the Future

As all human being, Happiness and peace of mind is the desire of all good living people under the sun. when these two prevailes your environment you live a happy man. Therefore as me it is my duty and responsibility to ensure the same happiness and peace to all surrounding me. I will achieve this through:-


  • Ensuring my initiative never go weak
  • Provide my voluntary services in information passage to writing for the purpose of next generation e.g. poems, story and my life experience.
  • Engaging in all activities concerning the subject matter and participate actively.


g)     To NCCK

  • 1st is to thank you for a well done job since you are my cornerstone in my upcoming as a HIV/AIDS facilitator and ambassador

Talking to Gilgil I think is a high time to connect also to youth in church they are so neglected by almost all the related NGOs.


Bishop Stephen Njogu

NAME:  Bishop Stephen Njogu

REGION:  Central

COURSE:  Church and State

After being trained in August 2011 on Church and State course, I as the Bishop planned on how to deliver the same to my pastors in the diocese. I booked a hotel Hill Park in Karatina and invited them together with their spouses (wives). It was one of the best experiences to have couples sitting together and I doing the delivery on citizenship. The role of the church in leadership skills and how to curb corruption and on top of that on HIV/AIDS as the final topic. All this was done in bit because we did not have enough time to exhaust everything that I had been trained at Roswam in Kerugoya for almost a whole week and needed to be done in hours.

On leadership skills, we highlighted how to model our way as spouses and family. The way in which the community can learn from us. We shared briefly on personal empowerment which was very interesting on reading other books as leaders to have more knowledge and also trusting ourselves among the many. Teamwork was very vital. Apart from speaking Halleluyah only, we noticed that the church can energize its members and eradicate poverty by forming groups and exchange ideas and not waiting for a token from the mheshimiwa (Hon.) after a term of five years leading to corruption and having bad leaders. Many of them were tested voluntarily after the hit that they tell people (christians) to go for tests hence they don’t lead by example.


Eliud Njoroge Kibe

NAME:                    Eliud Njoroge Kibe

CONSTITUENCY:     Maai-Mahiu Div. Naivasha District, Nakuru County

DATE:                    15th November, 2013


The condition I was in before the intervention.


As concerning HIV/AIDS message, I had very little knowledge on mode of transmission, prevention and how one could change his/her behavior on sexual relationship with other partner(s).


NCCK provided and facilitated resources by helping our group hold monthly group meetings and youth outreaches whereby youths could come together, share their experiences on sexuality and behavior change communication. At time, we would invite people well informed with knowledge and skills to assist us with technical questions on the same. It is from this forums that I got vast knowledge on HIV/AIDS messages contrary to the myths and culture that had been for a long time surrounded me regarding HIV/AIDS particularly on condom use. I believed initially that condom was laced with a substance that caused men impotence but after going through the outreaches and sharing with other youths and by being informed by our various facilitators in these outreaches I came to learn this was a myth that I had learnt from my peers. Also, our culture did not allow us to talk openly on issues regarding sexuality particularly when both males and females were in the same room. At first, I found this kind of arrangement very strange but upon more outreaches we  hold, I realized it being very fruitful towards war on HIV/AIDS.


My life changed drastically, I took very serious measures in protecting my partner and myself whenever need be, but more important I benefited a lot from behavior change communication and opted not to engage in unprotected sex and do away with multiple sex partners but in particular, more important to remain faithful to one partner.


Before I learnt about behavior change communication, I was not able to have self control and positive attitude towards my opposite sex partner but upon acquiring knowledge and skills on HIV/AIDS messages, I am now able to have self control, be positive towards opposite sex partners and more important take precaution measures in war against HIV/AIDS interventions.


I have been able to form a recovery group for the youths whereby we meet monthly. Among the issues we takle are drug abuse and sexual abuse in connection to HIV/AIDS. So far, more than sixty youths have benefited from this program and I am hopeful that we shall reach out to more youths in my location.


We are planning to have a very strong network for the youths and come up with resourceful measures that will see the youths utilizing their free time like sporting, reading and engaging in income generating activities we also try to reach out to local civic leaders to help with the assistance from constituency development fund, put up vocational training centres for the youths.


NCCK has done a very commendable job, particularly the staff were very much encouraging, participated and listened to the problems of the youths. NCCK also kept to its pledge of partnering with youth groups to facilitate the youth activities. It also displayed Christian values in all its undertaking.


James W Gachanja

NAME:  James W. Gachanja

REGION:  Central

COURSE:  Peace and Conflict Management

After training on conflict management and response it has assisted me in solving alot of problems amicably.

For instance, I was appointed in Nyandarua Central District to train on District Peace Committee which has assisted very much in solving conflicts on land issues, and peace amongst the IDPs in large Mawingo camps, Kabingu and Milangwe where we had two land buying groups.

Being amongst the leaders on peace building, we were able to solve the problems or conflicts on food sharing issue, land issue and money payment and use which had been misused by their chairmen.

Through them we were able to return peace by using the learnt skills on peace and reconciliation.

On the same, when I was appointed as our congregation chairman through using leadership skills learnt I was able to uplift the stalled church building for twelve years to a completion stage in which I was able to succeed through using the four pillars of reconciliation and leadership skills avoiding anger, hurt and rumour-mongering to this stage we have gone so far.



NAME:                   NGEI YOUTH GROUP


DATE:                    15th November, 2013




The beneficiary is a group of college students. The college students are a mix of both gender, male and female ranging from the ages of eighteen to twenty four years. The NGEI YOUTH GROUP counts these as a great success to convince their fellow youths to know all about HIV. Thereby starting with basic knowledge about the disease and finally getting to know their status.



College students are a mix of morals both justifying wrong and right. However, not all are right in their decisions. In the same way, there are diverse in their views and opinions about life and current global issues such as the war against HIV.


Before the intervention, the college students did not take care seriously the disease. They viewed it as a disease of the ‘weak’, unlearned and ‘for them’ meaning the others not them as individuals. Most of them were unaware of basic knowledge about the disease as they termed it as primary school syllabus, meaning there are not kids.


Basically, college is termed as ‘the life’. The place to explore life, to enjoy life and not necessarily in the right way. Most of the ladies in college practicing unprotected sex leading to situations of STI’s and STDs whereas the males were involved in unprotected sex as well, alcohol abuse that had an effect in their education and a habit built in their life. The condition before the intervention can be well described as: worrying and alarming.



Thanks to NCCK financial support, the HIV awareness has gone a long way. Outreaches in schools, churches and to youths out of organizational structures has been a great milestone. The financial support has contributed to good fruits that in the future, there will be a story to tell and legacy that stands firm and true.


The financial support has led to:-


  1. Development of the debates and talks in high schools regarding HIV and its other elements.
  2. Awareness in youths. Having the basic know how of measures and symptoms.
  3. A high turn up in youths wanting to know their status especially college students.
  4. Primary school children realizing who they are and that the theory of HIV is practical. This is in the sense that HIV is real, preventable and measures to living a healthy reproductive life as practical.
  5. Referrals to the Resource Centre and to the District Hospital.



The youths especially high school and college students have changed for the better.


b)     Moral Change

College students have changed their morals by realizing they are precious people. They have learnt to live in a manner that safe guards them against the disease. Morally, they have turned to be role models in the society. College students have encouraged their colleagues and highs school students have impacted themselves and their primary school friends and siblings.


ii)   Mind-set change

College students have changed how they perceive life. They have taken it upon themselves to be an example of change. Classmates here in college have taken the war personally by writing up a contract to visit a VCT to be counseled and tested by specialists on HIV. The contracts ensure their build their friendship and openness thereby building a class of people and generation that embraces each other.


Students have realized that its all about them and the reproductive life their want. That’s a success because when one group is impacted, the rest embrace the example and take the challenge. The behavioural change is contagious and is now a fun journey to travel.

iii)     Behavioral Change

College ladies have realized the effect of unprotected sex. Some have come out as referrals with symptoms of STI’s and STD’s and they have gotten medical help. College males have realized the effect of alcohol and drug abuse as well as unprotected sex.


Ladies are more aware and thus a model of change by taking abstain programme to their key while the men have embraced ATM cards as their message. ATMs meaning Abstaining Totally Till Marriage. However, not all are angles that’s why both ladies and men have taken M4 RH services to help them through the journey.



Global fund has come to an end but that not the end of he NGEI YOUTH GROUP. Our plans for the future are well placed and laid down hence we are still on the project and the vision is still bright. This is based on passion and character in built in the members.



Thank you for the support. Your support has brought a great impact and we greatly appreciate. The change you made in the lives of many youths is a generation you have raised and a legacy that you have built thus, in future, you will be proud of your initiative. Thank you NCCK and may God Lord bless you abundantly.


Douglas Muchina

NAME:  Douglas Muchina

REGION:  Central


I am in charge of youth in Mt. Kenya region with PCEA.

Following the skills learnt in a number of courses I have attended, I have been able to enrich the young people within the region.

I have been handling a topic on responsible living. In this, I have helped young people to see through their life, as in where they were, are and together we get a way forward.

This happens whenever I have an engagement with the young people i.e. through seminar, rallies, conferences etc. Last year, I had a youth conference at Othaya Boys High School that involved 460 young people. It was a five days conference and after going through the topic mentioned above among others, the young people came up with the following resolutions.

i)                    To say no to drug and substance abuse

ii)                   No to pre-marital sex

iii)                 To always participate positively into things / ways that can make them, community and national at large successful.

iv)                Influence their agemates to be responsible.


Larry Calvince Sang

NAME:                  Larry Calvince Sang

CONSTITUENCY:     Kuresoi North

DATE:                   15th November, 2013


  • Initially before we were contracted, we as a group use to participate in real activities in the community. We used to operate within the locality.


  • After the interventions, the group realized many opportunities outside the locality and even started working with other youth groups especially the groups in Nakuru Town and Gilgil.


NCCK opened the doors to our group by networking us through creating a platform for interactive discussions, exchange visits and moreso enabling us learn from other groups.


  • The lives of individual group members gradually changed and more so the group moved a greater height by realization of new opportunities. Individual members also got motivated through meaningful discussions and exchange visit.


  • Our group had assisted other upcoming youths group in the formation, registration and even day to day activities. Our group has been subcontracting small upcoming groups in facilitation during the programme.


  • Our group plans the register to become a company.

Lawrencia G Kinyua

NAME:  Lawrencia G. Kinyua

REGION: Central

COURSE: Women on Gender and Development

I have been attending several NCCK workshops and they have made me change from the situation I was before.

I could not be able to address the congregation but due to the skills I obtained from the facilitators.

I am able to hold several seminars in my Diocese. The mesages that I get from the training I’am able to pass it to them. So this training has improved me to know that I am potential. I have also come to know that am the one to own the family, church and even the community by empowering the other women. It has made me to improve my church by utilizing the skills that I have learnt.

So if I continue with this training, I am sure I will improve the church as a leader by using all the materials given by our facilitators through NCCK.


James Mwangi

NAME:                  James Mwangi


DATE:                   14th November, 2013


a)     Before the intervention I was just ordinary person, I was not knowledgeable on the issues of reproductive health.


b)     NCCK has been able to facilitate our monthly meetings where we discuss on issues concerning the reproductive health. Also has facilitated some of our exchange programs where we meet other groups doing different activities such that we can learn from them and vice versa, and this has helped us so much in terms of sustaining the group.


c)      Now I could say am knowledgeable and when it comes to decision making, I actually make an informed decision when it comes on the issues of reproductive health and other issues.


d)     Through also our monthly meetings, I have learnt a lot and now I use my knowledge to educate other members who are not part of our group.


e)     It was hard to go to a school for session or on outreach but through NCCK we have been able to reach so many schools and different places.


f)        I can say sometimes I have been going for a school session, event without the facilitation from NCCK.


g)     Through our monthly meetings have learnt a lot and now we are able to write for proposals to source funds and still using our talents where we are invited to perform and we get some cash.


h)     It was fantastic working with you people. Through your support we have been able to reach so many people and we are glad there has been an increase in terms of behavior change within our community.


Paul Chege

NAME:  Rev. Paul Chege

REGION:  Central

COURSE: HIV & AIDS Counselling

Through the NCCK training courses, I have been enlightened and thus able to help the congregation. Much has been achieved since then.

1)     People living with HIV/AIDS are now accepted in the church as well as in the society, stigma has declined.

2)     Through church and state training, I have been able to help the congregation to choose leaders wisely, this is through several Bible studies.

3)     Also through micro-credits we have been able to uplift the living standards of our people.

Concerning illegal groups like Mungiki etc, we have been able to bring together initates from the locality and inform them how to live according to christian standards.


Muhammad Saidi

NAME:                    Muhammad Saidi


DATE:                   14th November, 2013



Before the Intervention


The group was only focused on theatre as a source of income, and only 16 members were recognized. The groups capacity was undeniably down and it was hard for the group to attract any fund.


Nature of Intervention


NCCK provided for the group what I can call the altimate boost by building our capacity on reporting and financial management. The group also benefited a lot with information on RH from NCCK supported meetings.




The group got the needed kickstart to push it forward by starting resource mobilization successfully and the group is now in a better position than it was. We can report and account well.


The Difference


The group couldn’t afford to mobilize members but through the outreaches and meeting we have been able to not only mobilize but maintain the number to 30.


Out Put So Far


  • The group has been able to reduce the cases of STIs from a certain slum “bondeni” to almost zero.
  • The group has been able to reach 250 youths with RH information.
  • The group has nurtured encouraged, nurtured and make partnership with a new group from the slum “Ghettoh Vision”.




The group is planning to keep on Resource mobilizing to maintain outreaches.

Plan ongoing group discussion every week to cover monthly meeting.




The groups have learnt and benefited a lot from the programme and they have also grown in capacity. But what would have made it even bigger was to have a capacity building training.


Jane Gathaiya

NAME:  Jane Gathaiya

REGION:  Central

COURSE: Women on Gender and Development

During our church visitations we visited a church with my husband because he was dedicating children.

Among the women who had brought her son for dedication, that particular day she happened to have a bad back pain which had developed, after delivery, so this very day, she was brought to church, in wheelburrow. This touched me so much and I decided to follow this lady for treatment and I invited her to one of our women meeting on Gender and Development. After she was well, we became friends, and continued, I found a very commited lady and discovered that she could do a lot if she had some training because she was a housewife but had some secondary education.

I encouraged her on how she could do a theological training despite the hardships she had. Later she agreed and joined a theological training which she is attending.

The husband got saved, her brother, two Airus, and one daughter in law. She is a very good Sunday school teacher and now very motivated to work in her church. The husband supports her fully even when she goes for the inter-term theological training. This lady encouraged me so much and I felt very motivated to work with women.


Hussein K. Nasor

NAME:                   Hussein K. Nasor

CONSTITUENCY:     Naivasha, Nakuru County

DATE:                   18th November, 2013


We were introduced to the project by Self-help Africa and later it was taken to over by NCCK through a meeting together with Care Kenya. First when we started the project we had so many youths who did not get a place to air out their issues through the programme we got more youths who could talk about the issues facing them on HIV and Aids. Also the programme helped us to have a resource where could refer our youths at Naivasha District Hospital. Through the project more youths could turn up for the session due to the fact that they could get refreshments.


Through the project we could get a chance to hire facilitators who were very usefull to the youths cause what could not be told was, thus youth become more free on issues its throught the project we were able to sit down with young girls who are in commercial sex works and we got the full picture of Naivasha. The programme as enabled us t have exchange programme where we got to learn more about other groups it was not an easy task but through this support we can now approach other institutes and teach on HIV and Aids.




All group members can now handle victims of HIV cause all members have already have a chance to teach and learn what they did not know. Most of the members are muslims this was an added advantage cause muslims handle their own bodies of the dead so it was a good chance on how one is supposed to handle a dead body cause no one knows what the other member / person had before dead I had a chance to teach the community about the HIV and Aids cause most of members were still living in denial due to the fact that the Koran teaches us that sex is so protected and is ment for certain people and having sex before marriage is a sin and that need one’s to be punished in order to get forgiven. So having such laws they knew that once you are in that situation you must have sinned we had to show how fellow brothers that its not only sex that brings HIV and we had real examples whereby we live near Naivasha Prisons and one of the staff got the virus through handling patients in the prisons without knowing and later we discovered he was already affected.


The point is very clear to all that if you are not infected you are affected in one way or another we live with neighbours whom you happen to get on streets and no one knows each other background so we insisted on any couple to get tested before they could get engandaged so that they can live a better life their afterwards.




The programme could not be able to live sustainability programmes for the project.



NAME:  Rev. Githaiga

REGION:  Central

COURSE: HIV & AIDS Counselling

As the Bible says in Hos.4:6, “God’s people perish out of ignorance. For a long time people have lived in denial on issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS. After attending the seminar in Nakuru, I was able to organize seminars encouraging people to be open and know their status. I as well encourage PLWHA to take life positively and others not to be judgemental. To fight stigma, people should not take AIDS as a punishment from God or as a result of sin. When one knows his/her status, he/she is able to live positively and take the right measures. It is also wise to understand that anyone can acquire the virus. Taking preventive measures is important because prevention is better than cure.

The best cure is educating all and never getting weary of doing good. Christ is concerned with all people irrespective of gender or other status and thus, we should love all with his love. Like the case of the woman brought to Jesus with intention of being stoned due to adultery sin, we should not throw stones to others because we are no better.


Amos Muchiri

NAME:                   Amos Muchiri

CONSTITUENCY:     Maai - Mahiu

DATE:                   18th November, 2013


1)     The lack of knowledge and fear of going for services were known in the location (maai-mahiu) and even when many were referred to the services such as VCT and STI’s screening they would travel to other town. The fear was just due to lack of proper information with believe when tested and turns negative there would be emergency of discrimination.


2)     The provision of outreaches where many youths were able to dance naked and reveal their fear changed beliefs and myths within the community making us and our partners (NCCK) and Road wellness centre achieve our goals. These outreaches changed lives making it easy to communicate issues regarding health and linking those who wanted services to get them.


3)     The outreaches have the courage to access services within their town. Also the behavior change of youths interms of use of prevention method when having sex. And also learning economic empowerment skills through other partners who approached us (K-Note) SILC.


4)     The communities before were not able to go to outreaches discussion issues of health and also to open and discuss the issue of life challenges that faced each one of them in their town. They also didn’t know who to go to when infection like STI’s and need of testing was needed to either them or their friends.


5)     Since those who came for this outreaches were from different regions sarrounding the town but a few kilometers from town they we able to mobilize other communities and call us for a session that even not reported was enjoyable since those who had changed through our outreaches would request going with us and testify.


Even when NCCK were not supporting the community would request for outreaches even four times a month and we got encouraged by their good will and effort in empowering the whole communities in general and we still hope to continue with the outreaches.


6)     They requested us to be doing such outreaches and even stakeholders like churches feel that inviting us to their youth seminars would be good to the growing youths.


The group has the abbility to have the community going for services since even to date community members come for one on one session to us.


7)     The community especially the stakeholders e.g. Administration church leaders, other partners and local communities would rially like to thank NCCK for their support and look forward to working with them in future. Also the partnership to go on and activities invitation to our local area is guaranteed to NCCK.


Samson Murimi

NAME:  Rev. Samson Murimi

REGION:  Central

COURSE: Skills in Adatptable Technology

I am very happy on the skills that I achieved because immediately I started utilizing it. One day I invited women in the church on a Tuesday. I taught them on how to make the liquid soap, juice and yorghurt. The women were twenty in number. The following week, two women bought material so that they can be able to utilize the knowledge. After they brought their sample to the church, many christians bought and were very happy with the product.

In the congregation, there was a principal of a neighbouring secondary school. The principal gave them a tender to be supplying their soap.

Today, those women are getting money to educate their children up to university level from the income they are earning by selling their product.

The neighbours normally buy the soap from their home and the dispensary nearby. These women had a health problem which could not allow them to work in the shamba, so they were very happpy to have something that can earn a living. They even have more time to serve in church than before. Their lifestyles have changed.


Hosea Mwirebua

NAME:                   Hosea Mwirebua

CONSTITUENCY:     Thuura - Meru

DATE:                    12th November, 2013



a)     Before NCCK intervention, the group had not clear information on HIV/AIDS awareness. Many of the group members where shying away from HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.


b)     NCCK provided with good and conducive environment to know anything or everything concerning HIV/AIDs. It provided with facilitation fee whereby the group was carrying outreaches to various places.


c)      Our lives has changed so much to that extent of being free in our community either you are affected, infected or not affected or infected by HIV/AIDs. We do interact freely in our communities without the fear which was there before NCCK intervened.


d)     Beneficiaries were not able to discuss sexual matters before those HIV/AIDs awareness campaigns started. But today all the beneficiaries can freely interact with each other concerning sexual matters and its effects.


e)     The group has assisted other groups in the region by educating them on HIV/AIDs awareness.


f)        The group has pig rearing project which generates income to the project which we believe will push us ahead in our outreach.


My message to NCCK is to thank them so much for the support they have offered to my group and to all outreacher they have enabled us to conduct. I would also like to request for another round of global fund which will push us to another height.


Alex Wainaina

NAME:  Alex Wainaina

REGION:  Central

COURSE:  HIV & AIDS Couselling

After undertaking courses in NCCK on HIV/AIDS I realised that our young people engage themselves in drug abuse, illegal movements/sects and pre-mature sex after undergoing initiation rite. I came up with an idea which the Council embraced on boys and girls passage rite.

We started the initiation of boys in a secondary school where at the start, we had twenty boys in 2005 where boys were taught by different mentors on different things. This drastically changed the church and families for boys became more responsible and obedient to their parents. This program is still functional todate. In the side of girls, we educated them for three days after that they became more responsible and aware of their life stages.

This encourages me much for I have realized that the future of our nation, church and community lies in the hands of young people who need mentoring and counselling.


Tharimbu Zachary Thuranira

NAME:                    Tharimbu Zachary Thuranira

CONSTITUENCY:     Tigania West (Kitheo)

DATE:                    12th November, 2013



a)     The group had suffered various setbacks leadership problems, financial crisis and lack of focus since its formation 2006. The group came to work with NCCK from 2012 which was an idea of one member and since then, members rose from their sleep and are now vibrant. The rising came as a result of elution of new leaders since the NCCK could not collaborate with failures


b)     The NCCK chipped in and came to help us renew our leadership. The kind of support that we got was first training on HIV/AIDs and then shape us and support our group to go and educate other youths on the same issue. By this we have been greatly supported and so far, the contributions have helped us improve the morality of our youths and this is a testimony of the fact that through our talks, many school drop outs have resumed studies and cases of dropping out of schools have greatly decreased. NCCK also helped us restructure our form of leadership helped improve our constitution and legislation of the group and through various forums that they have organized we were in a position to interact with other people and learn new ideas for ourselves.


c)      To begin with, the cradle group members have completely changed their way of living, now cautious on HIV/AIDs pandemic and for sure through education forums that have been organized for us by NCCK many have managed to sail through various waves. It also helped us gain financial discipline and think of many avenues to generate income for our self help and also benefit of the whole community through our projects.


d)     In comparison to the discipline before intervention of NCCK, the regular meetings are now murdertory to all members and in case a member fails two consecutive meetings, without communication / any excuse through one of the officials, he/she is suspended from the group and during sharing of the benefit, he/she losses 5% of the benefits to the group.


Before the intervention of NCCK, management of funds was a problem but to date, they’ve helped us come up a well defined structure on how to generate, use and account for any finances of the association.

The NCCK bore nartured and developed a seed of leadership in our group. This is because almost all members of our group can now teach other people on various issues of life HIV/AIDs included.


e)     From the NCCK support, we have been able to form other sub-groups (peer educators) through the outreaches that we’ve been going and each subgroup has a leader who gives report on monthly basis to the big group (Kamoroo). These peer educators educate others on HIV/AIDs and come up with projects for financial growth. We support and develop them.


f)        The group aims at greatly engaging in business and become a mirco-finance for lending and saving with a national scope.


g)     Out of the much that we have seen in collaboration with the NCCK, I would request that this support continues and the global funds comes back because they will build more and more groups and for sure NCCK will leave your motto “FOR PEOPLE”


Thank you.


Mary Watiri Gaikia

NAME:  Mary Watiri Gaikia

REGION:  Central

COURSE: Skills in Adaptable Technology

Since I acquired the skills and adaptable technology course, I have benefited individually, because I’m able to keep myself busy with the skills. At one time, I’m making soap for my family and another time, I’m with the Mothers’ in our church at workshops.

As I have trained a group of about 100 in our church from different parishes, they have also trained others. Some have formed groups and after making soap they also come up with other activities which are also of benefit to them..

Some have become suppliers of the soap to schools and hotels.

There is one member who has after training mothers on soap making, she now has a shop for the chemicals in Baragoi.

I do screen printing for headscarfs of the Mothers’ Union members in our church.


John Mwangi

NAME:                   John Mwangi

CONSTITUENCY:     North Imenti

DATE:                    12th November, 2013




From there before our group which youth group was doing saring and from it we were giving to one member at the group as a loan.


This money was refunded after 2 months with interest at 10 percent.


Then after we earn about 130,000 we started our project which is on group hotel. This project was started at 2010 December and went as up to now and I can say that through this project we have managed to rise the living standard of our members because we have at least rised about 15 members from hawking to kiosk and other big business from the loaning.


Also I can say that on my side I was not doing well in business due to lack of money but from the group today I can do much because I own my business from this business I can get money from bank as a loan from Kshs.100,000 – 250,000 so I can say if it was not this group I couldn’t manage all of this.


Our group have benefited from NCCK since 2010 when our group was invited by NCCK for training about HIV/AIDS.


After the training we went to train other youth out side our group (outreaches). By the way, before we start doing outreaches those who were trained came and trained other members about HIV/AIDs in the group and all of us then gain the ideal about it.


Then we went on to train outsider and majority of them we come to realize that they had no idea of HIV/AIDs. So we went on with more teaching and so far we have enabled them change there behaviours at there day to day afears.


On myself individually, I have managed to get much idea from NCCK concerning HIV/AID for I had no idea and the way I was think that it was I come to know that I was wrong in thinking. So on the side NCCK  has benefited me very much and I can say that God bless you and go on to reach unreached ones.


Again, can inform you that whenever you encourage us we do much especially we youth for we have energy and strength so keep it up and continue to empower us to do more on HIV/AID towards Kenyan


Youth and everyone from our country to set a good Kenya of HIV/AID free


God bless you.



NAME: Martha

REGION: Central

COURSE: Women on Gender and Development

I trained women group in my community on gender issues. After a while there was a vacance of one to be employed as an assistant chief. One of the ladies I trained got courage and applied for that.  After the interview, the lady came up as a winner and today the fruits of my training.

My the Lord God almighty bless NCCK as they continue to empower us so that we can empower others.


Muchena Nathan

NAME:                    Muchena Nathan   

CONSTITUENCY:     Tigania West

DATE:                    12th November, 2013



(a)   The group before we join hands with the NCCK we were not active more so on conducting meetings but after we started the NCCK activities we have been very active as well as we have been so co-operative in terms of group affairs coz we make sure we meet at least once per month in which the small project that we have started is not a challenge nowadays.


(b)   The NCCK provided us with facilitation to conduct outreaches in which we were able to reach youths outside and also we benefited from this by recruiting new members and also it was like advitising our group since more people now know about our group.


(c)   Interms of benefits I personally have gained a lot and I have grown morally upright. Also interms of behavior I have changed a lot since I don’t take things the way I used to take them or view things more so things partining HIV/AIDs.


(d)   Before I couldn’t get courage to go to a shop and buy condom for protection but now I can buy or even ask it from a shop without any fear or a problem.


(e)   I have encouraged the teenagers to abstain others to use condoms for protection and also I have encouraged them about testing.


(f)     The best thing is by frequent meeting so as the things we have learnt will not evaporate.


(g)   I take this opportunity to thank the Upper Eastern Region and also the entire NCCK office for the support to youths in this region/county and I would like to encourage them to continue serving the people for a good service to people is a service to God. The NCCK has been very helpful and I hope that the project will continue.


Charity Kinyua

NAME:  Charity Kinyua

REGION:  Central

COURSE: Women on Gender and Development

I was first invited in NCCK course in 1996. During this cause, we were taught about empowering women in decision making.

Thereafter, I was invited to go and teach our women leaders about  the same. They were very happy. I remember I emphasized on teaching both boy and girl child the same, in decision making, in provision, in loving, in education and leadership.

I also attended another one in 2007 and one of the lesson we were taught in individual growth was about self-esteem and integrity. In this two lessons, I have been abel to teach women.


Lawie Kinoti

NAME:                  Lawie Kinoti


DATE:                   12th November, 2013



First and for most let me think NCCK for facilitating my group to continue developing, existing and educating other youths. I have benefited through being informed about HIV and AIDs and also being aware on how to protect myself from being infected.


Secondly, I have interrupted with other youth and gained knowledge on what they do on their area. They have encouraged me to coup with my challenges on what they do.


Also I have benefited through our group meeting because as we do meeting regularly to discuss our way forward, and how to plan our.


Simon Mundisi

NAME:  Simon Mundisi

REGION:  Central

COURSE: HIV & AIDS Counselling

ACK Diocese of Nyahururu

After being trained on “The Church and HIV/AIDS” on 22 – 28 June 2008 at White Star Hotel in Meru, the following have transpired.

  • Mainstreamed HIV/AIDS in the church department, i.e. KAMA, Mothers Union, Youth, Sunday School adn Brigade. This has been showing by way of presenting folk songs, drama, choral verses, in the church during “choirs” time with HIV /AIDS messages.
  • Have held visits to the orphans and orphanages with food and non-food items accompanied with words of encouragement.
  • Have held home based care seminars in churches.
  • Formed church groups which are further trained on HIV/AIDS issues, especially home-based care, nutrition, communication and counselling the PLWAs and HIV/AIDS clients in general.

Kananu Sevegrina

NAME:                    Kananu Sevegrina

CONSTITUENCY:     Tigania West

DATE:                    12th January, 2013


(a)   Before the intervention with NCCK, we were traying to educate people being trained by APHA II as well as not be able to reach for many communities.

(b)   The NCCK have been provided us with outreaches money which enhances us to be able to move for the long distances and pass the message.

(c)   Many people have been changed that conduct and have becable the role model to the other youths and I myself to become an educator.

(d)   We were not able to have finance for establishing us to buy some costumes so as we move out their being uniformed or be dressed, the same. Reason is that that uniform make many people to follow us when we move in the market as well as we were acapanied with skit.

(e)   We have benefit a lot because it has assisted us to educate people who are affected and infected. However after realizing many people in the community who are affected are some who are not want to take the ARVs and also go for test (VCT).

(f)     We have planned to have project of tree planting and land purchase and also to have a book and magazines.

To provide the group with costumes and organize for the youth drama festivals so as to improve our talents.


James N Njoroge

NAME:  James N. Njoroge

REGION:  Central

COURSE: HIV & AIDS Counselling

After the training in 2008 on HIV/AIDS at Meru, I left there very much changed on how to involve myself in helping the victims and stigmatized. It was after the training i called together the church pastors and key church leaders i.e. women/youth, children workers among others.

I invited the medical workers who were involved in sensitizing the community on HIV/AIDS and we all addressed ourselves on the following:-

  • Knowledge on HIV/AIDS
  • How one can be affected
  • Who are the most vulnerable
  • How to identify the victim and help them to live even with HIV & AIDS and be effective
  • How to get rid of stigma from them – showing them (the victim) that they are important even among others.

That meeting had a great impact among those church workers in that report we got later was that they held similar forums in their localities.


Joseph Kinyua


NAME:                   Joseph Kinyua                   


DATE:                    12th November, 2013


We have experienced that our community lacks awareness and through global round 7 we have managed to educate and changed our community lives.

NCCK has helped as a lot through encouragement from their office. As they provide facilitators.

-          Our groups had no interaction with some other groups so with the support of NCCK we have managed to interact with other groups.

-          Also through NCCK and global round 7 support we have managed to hold sport activities and break idleness among youths from our community.

-          Les import to say through these support we have gone a step forward to educate youths on drug abuse and it as seized from our communities.

Through  Global Fund round 7 and NCCK partnership we have managed to organize more youth groups and created some awareness about HIV & AIDs i.e. prevention measures and also modes of feeding.


Ann M Kunga

NAME:  Ann. M. Kunga

REGION:  Central

COURSE: HIV & AIDS Counselling

Appreciation for the courses and trainings I have been granted through this office.

After all those courses life is worthy living not just my family but even the church and community around and even far. This has also extended and made me know more people and those high in authority. The counselling I started in my church added me to go through the Bible adn todays’ ways of living.

Bring living and making friendship is difficult but through coming either low to the level of the community you are dealing with something good. NCCK ways of opening the communities relationships, and also earning (breaking) hardship has helped me. So I congratulate them and give them heko for their work.


Samuel Mwiti

NAME:                   Samuel Mwiti                       


DATE:                   12th November, 2013


-          The group helper was not have a … and scaring with other people of the society and now she a eteresing of shaming with

-          Every member of the group have something to do

-          The communities have a eteresing and know the means of tesing and know the stutus about HIV/AID and to meating to be for the pull to each other

-          The Globat Fund Round 7 have encounge the group very much.

-          We can ebler to olgasing of the outreach/semena very much.


Susan Kahura

NAME:  Susan Kahura

REGION:  Central

COURSE:  Skills in Adaptable Technology

When I went to Limuru for skill in Adaptable Technology once I had very wide knowledge with tie & dye, making maziwa mara and liquid soap.

I called a workshop to a parish and the workshop came out with two women who today are doing the same, these women today they don’t go for casual labour because they started selling soap liquid to schools and to churches and they are getting a lot of money in soap making. One of them managed to buy a cow now the family is well stable. They are still going on with the work.

Others started the game and they did not went far because the selling was not well. Still they keep on asking for seminars that would help them to learn more or something else.


Stanley Muriithi

NAME:                   Stanley Muriithi                  

CONSTITUENCY:     North Imenti

DATE:                   12th November, 2013



(a)   Before the intervention of NCCK I could not stand before people. I also could not talk about HIV/AIDs in public.


(b)   NCCK funded outreaches which enabled me interact with so many youths and gained experience.


(c)   The life has changed a lot through learning from other groups we have been networking with. I have changed my behavior and am going to maintain the change.


(d)   Actually, I was too shy to stand and talk in front of a crowd but now that is gone. Now am being invited by schools to talk and do facilitation about HIV/AIDs in my locality.


(e)   As a group we offer mentorship to newly formed groups in our community.


(f)     Am planning to continue offering training about HIV/AIDs voluntarily to my fellow youths. This will help me in maintaining my change.


(g)   A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. So continue giving us the light.


Teresia N Nyaga

NAME:  Rev. Teresina N. Nyaga

REGION:  Central

COURSE:  "Eagle"

I attended one of the seminars and a story was told about the eagle. It decides to live offer its crows, beak and feathers become old. From this story, I decided also to use the power I have been given by NCCK to make people live long.

I’m a trained teacher by profession and because of the skills I have received and materials I have received, I decided to hit my mouth like the eagle and decided to advocate for all voiceless.

I left teaching profession in 2005 to work for the Lord. I decided to get to many churches doing seminars. I visit different churches e.g. Baptist and Redeemed. After I attended a workshop I visit women groups.

I have also started individually to form at least four acres of land. The produce is used by the elderly, the sick and the needy. I take food to people even in Mbeere and Ukambani.

The project is called DORCAS GENEROSITY MINISTRY. It is known by members of any church I minister. I train them on becoming one anothers keeper. We belong to one father and he cares for all.

I’m very happy because the power NCCK has given me in their trainings has reached very many people. We team with the community to help a needy person somewhere.

Very many broken families have stood firm through advocacy and lobbying. Women have started money generating projects. Church and communities have started micro-finance enterprises. People are really uplifted. They are not as poor as they used to be. Women/youths/men know their roles. They can team and help each other.

Thank you very much NCCK body particularly Mr. Wanyoike, Alice, Mrs. Muthungu and the entire team of LTP. God bless you. You have transformed the churches and communities and families. Even the elections now will involve youths and they will be fair through the skills you have installed in men/women youths of Kenya. God bless you mightly.


David Murithi

NAME:                  David Murithi


DATE:                   12th November, 2013

(a)   Before intervention of NCCK HIV project the group was not doing any HIV/AID education to the youths and community.

(b)   The NCCK supported our group through educating facilitator and also supported as though funds to enable the group for refreshment.


Liza Gota

NAME:  Liza Gota

REGION: Central

COURSE:  HIV & AIDS Counselling

After going through the workshop on HIV/AIDS stigma in the Church, I was greatly educated and empowered. I organized trainings at congregational levels with an objective of demytifying stigma in the church and especially among women. I encouraged them to talk about HIV/AIDS openly and even go for counselling and testing.

The culmination of of this was a Diocesan HIV/AIDS day for women that was combined with a thanksgiving day for the Mothers Union. On that particular day I had encouraged the people living with  the virus to attend and with my committee we invited VCT group from Karira Hospital Mwea to assist in counselling and testing. After the function that involved a person living with HIV speaking to the women, we encouraged women to take HIV tests.

My success story is that, on that day, 189 women were tested and ten of them came to the open to declare their status which they had kept secret for years. This encouraged women and to me this is a great achievement. Thank you NCCK for your empowerment. I am a HIV/AIDS trainer and for years, I never realized how stigma was hurting the church and the christians in general. Until I attended the training, then I was motivated to use my skills.


Janet Kendi Gitonga

NAME:                 Janet Kendi Gitonga                     

CONSTITUENCY:   Kinoru Location - Meru

DATE:                 13th November, 2013


I gave birth to my baby but she started falling sick at the age of two weeks. I was in and out of hospital 9 times. At last the baby was tested for TB, he was give TB medicine for six months but after the dose was over he continued to be sick, he was tested for TB and it was negative but the baby was still very sick. I requested for the baby to be tested for HIV and AIDS and he was found to be positive.


I was couselled and I started taking the baby to clinic for two years, but for me I was healthy and I did not take the test. I did not tell anyone the status of the baby. The father fell sick and was admitted to Kiinia Hospital, he was tested for HIV and AIDS and it came out positive. He started taking the medicine (ARV’s). I also went to take the test after both the baby and the father were tested positive. I was found positive and I was told to take sertrin.


Marion Mworia (community worker) came round our homes and requested us to join the group (OASIS). While at OASIS, NCCK came and taught us on HIV and AIDS treatment, use of condoms even among couples, lessons of HIV, stages, balanced diet, even without money we can eat vegetables, yams, arrowroots, fruits etc. We were taught on stigma and our rights. My husband and I joined OASIS at the same time.


I also learnt that I can get a HIV negative baby from NCCK. I tried getting one and God blessed me with a healthy negative baby boy.


The boy is now eight months and very healthy. The baby is under sertrin and doing well. We assisted others from a group of sick children, we teach them on how to take care of the children. The group is called Meru Hospice Guardians. We teach them on the Children’s balanced diet, making soap and jik for sale, merry-go-round, giving loans e.g. 1,000 you return with 1% interest.


I would like NCCK to reach out other sick people who do not want to disclose their status. We would also like NCCK to assist us reach out to them and also assist our children in education by paying their school fees and also we would like our rights to be upholded especially in the employment sector.


I would also like NCCK to continue teaching us more on HIV and AIDS and also the community on the same.


Irene W Weru

NAME:  Irene W. Weru

REGION:  Central

COURSE:  HIV & AIDS Counselling

I attended the seminar at Kerugoya Roswam Hotel year 2007. I stayed there for 5 good days and I learnt more about the person affected by HIV/AIDS.

I learnt that I should show him or her a great love and visit them many times so that they may continue with their living even though they don’t have of living.

We were taught not to keep them in their bedrooms. Instead, we should allow them to join others where they are gathering in order to appreciate them biblically.

We were taught to help them in all ways and also to share their problems together so that they may extend their living.

Those who are affected, we were told to tell them that, they can heal through faith.

I enjoyed the topics very much and at the end of learning, I was given a certificate as C.A.E. member.


Janet Gaitenga

NAME:                  Janet Gaitenga                   

CONSTITUENCY:     Meru - Kinoru

DATE:                    13th November, 2013


I joined the group in 2006. The main aim of joining the group was for psychosocial support. I was sickly though group members helped me. We got trainings from the co-ordinator on positive living.


One day, a training session was organized by NCCK. We were trained on various topics. Especially on ART adherence & clinical follow-up.


From this time, I followed clinics and was diagonised with TB infection through the support of my friend Doris. I followed through the treatment and recovered to continue with my small scale business. I am currently healthy and taking my treatment and clinic as I was trained.


I do support other community members and friends whenever I observe that they are sick. I advice they seek treatment.


I would wish that NCCK would give us and our communities more trainnings.


Linus Kamau Shadrack

NAME:  Rev. Linus Kamau Shadrack

REGION:  Central

COURSE: HIV & AIDS Counselling


Since I started attending courses/trainings organized by the NCCK, things have not been the same.

My preaching and leadership style has really changed and I have seen the fruits. My attitude to the ministry is not the same.

I’ve been able to mobilize Christians on resource mobilisation and we have managed to collect finances and built up a stoneyed Diocesan offices. Currently, we are mobilizing resources to purchase a modern vehicle for the Bishop.

Quota payments have improved and the priests stipends have also been improved. This is encouraging. Christians are really paying tithe (10%) quite well and the offertory had gone up.

We have been able to mobilize 60 PLWHIV and written a proposal to NACC and benefited with some funding. Stigma and denial is no longer in the church and people living with HIV/AIDS are really appreciated.

Through this we have been able to come up with  income generating project or poultry keeping for this group.

Both genders are in the leadeship of the church with alot of comfort. The old and the young are well represented.

Generally, there is a lot of success after attending those trainings.


Gladys Makena

NAME:                   Gladys Makena                  


DATE:                    13th November, 2013


  1. As discordant couples’ training from our support group we learnt from NCCK facilitators that proper way of using both condoms of male and female in a safe way to protect the other partner but before we used to put male condom and female condom together. Nowadays, we decide to use one only not both at same time before the training came for safer sex.
  2. We were taught to disclose to other people and become good to our neighbours and told them our status and most of them went to be tested because some could not think we were positive living couple.
  3. NCCK taught how we can eat wild vegetables because they are not expensive e.g. Thaa – terere, manage, arrowroot leaves and to avoid selling eggs to buy loaves of breads. We learnt eggs are more nutritional than breads.
  4. We were taught we must take lots of clean water and clean fruits and vegetables for healthy living. Also to avoid buying medicines from the vendors but only to report to the CCC which is near us for  better diagnosis by the medical officer.
  5. We teach our church members with information we got from the NCCK training about knowing their status early about HIV. And also they can get pregnant and give birth to a negative child through going first to CCC experts for more information.
  6. After training from NCCK we took our neuclear family to be tested to a near dispensary and now are happy that all of our household members knows their status todate.

Finally we thank NCCK for their training and we hope they will come with more lessons especially legal rights and memory book writing in future.


Esther Maina

NAME:  Esther Maina

REGION:  Central

COURSE:  Skills in Adaptable Technology

After training on adaptable technology, I found it very interesting and enjoyable how the art comes out. When I went home, I bought material (cloth) and the other products and I was determined to start screen printing. As I was about to start, I narrated to my husband about the whole training and told him am interested and I want to do it.

He encouraged me very much and he said he will accompany me and be part of it. To my surprise, we did it very well and he promised to enrol to one of the printers. He always encourage me and we do it as partners. It has been part of our income generating project.

Well done NCCK, may God bless you as you prepare more courses on adaptable technology to improve the livelihoods of many. Congratulations and thank you so so much.


Kaleb Abwajo

NAME:                        Kaleb Abwajo

CONSTITUENCY:          Nakuru

DATE:                         15th November, 2013




  1. The group was doing only setbook and team building activities but after the project came we went fully into HIV issues
  2. NCCK facilitate money and capacity building to the group not only monthly meetings but also in peer to peer session
  3. It has changed drastically the behavior of the youths and group members
  4. The group can now monitor its work and evaluate the whole project.  It has also been able to keep record and make a follow up to youths reach in the outreach projects
  5. The group has open other networks and help more youth reach other youths within the community and higher learning institution
  6. The group plan to use the knowledge it has gain to train more student.  It has also started performing school setbook as part of IGA to those school it has reach while doing the Global Fund Project.  The group will use the knowledge gain to network with other groups within the county to open links.
  7. The group plans to open a resource centre for the youth.  The project was a success not only to the group but also to the people reach.  It has changed people’s life in the Community.  NCCK should continue doing the follow up even after the completing of this project.

Penninah Kariithi

NAME:  Penninah Kariithi

REGION: Central

COURSE:  Gender issues

After training on Gender issue, I went home and talked to my husband how we should help our only son to cook. We decided we have a day of me in kitchen and a day of women in the kitchen.

The father and the son were cooking on Wednesdays and the mother and girls were cooking on Sundays.

Kikuyu men do not go to the kitchen to cook and this help my family to know everybody can serve one another.


Antony Gakuru Wakini

NAME:                         Antony Gakuru Wakini

CONSTITUENCY:            Gilgil Area

DATE:                          14th November, 2013



I have benefitted especially in condom use and consistently using information.  Checking the expiry date and using it correctly.  I have also benefitted more on the IC materials passed by NCCK.  Thank you guys it’s been nice working with you.



NAME:  Julia

REGION: Central

COURSE: HIV & AIDS Counselling

Out of the training on HIV & AIDS Counselling I decided to start visiting such people in their homes. One day in 2010 our Evangelist told me of a lady in a place called Witemere in Nyeri town who was very sick (was HIV positve). I agreed to go and visit her. We bought some food stuffs from the market and went with the Evangelist and Lay Leaders.

It was such a sad state of things. There were two little girls outside the house looking very frightened, the mother was in bed in a one roomed house. We gave the children bananas to eat too. After she ate, she told us that she had given up and wanted to die. Her son in school is the one who took care of the little ones but that day there was nothing to cook.

I counselled her and she agreed to attend KENWA clinic near her home. The next time i saw her, she had accepted her state adn in due time the bitterness in her lessened and with medication she started living again. She started taking care of her children well.


George Njuguna

NAME:                      George Njuguna

CONSTITUENCY:         Gilgil

DATE:                       18th November, 2013


Really NCCK had helped a lot, the beneficiaries have benefited through monthly and outreaches through free HIV& AIDs facilitations for two years.  The beneficiaries had nowhere to acquire such information.


The NCCK interviewed through providing the groups with file, Minutes book, reporting tools and facilitation funds on reimbursement.  Actually the beneficiaries lives have changed through:-

-          Having cohesiveness of group members

-          Proper use of condoms which was seen as outcast and their availability  

-          There has been brought out a culture of acceptance  quick status

-          HIV and AIDS has now become a topic of the day as opposed to the past where it was not discussed at all.

The beneficiaries indeed have and are helping to spread the information on HIV and AIDs and also condom collection point at Karanga Youth Resource Centre.  Also they are encouraging one to knowing her HIV status.


Plans for the future are:-

(i)                  To have an equipped VCT centre

(ii)                To campaign for a free HIV and AIDs free society

(iii)               To reduce HIV/AIDs infected people stigmization with 0%

(iv)              Campaign for closer ARV accessibility to avoid higher cost on their availability

(v)               To stop other new infections though the facilitation on HIV&AIDS campaign


The information that I can share with NCCK is that we as youth group have acquired more from you.  That is through proper documentation, accountability, capacity building and wider network across Nakuru County.  We wish to extend our gratitude to you as an organization.  We are ready to work with you any time.  Thank you.


Mary Gaikia

NAME:  Mary Gaikia

REGION:  Central Region

COURSE:  Skills in Adaptable Technology

I am Mary Watiri Gaikia from Nyahururu. I’m a retired civil servant for four years now after working with the Government of Kenya for twenty nine years. I have been a co-worker with myhusband in the Church ministry with the Anglican Church of Kenya which is a church membr of NCCK.

I must admit that the course I attended was an eye opener to me and I really value what was imparted on me in that workshop. It has brought joy and great change in my life and others. Below is a brief report on what I have been doing.

  1. After the course in which we were able to acquire skills on soap/shampoo making, juice processing, yoghurt making, entrepreneurial skills and screen printing, I have attempted to do or make each of these items but I have majored in only two of these. Each trial was a success part from yoghurt which failed on the first trial. Of the two that I majored in, which are soap making and screen printing, I have gained tremedous experience and I enjoy doing and imparting this knowledge to other people.
  2. This course is not only of benefit to me, but also to the people in our church. I have been able to organize different workshops to about one hundred women in our church on knowledge and skills needed in soap making and this has benefited most of them a lot. Some at individual level or as a group. Case in point:-

(a)   In Kinamba parish, a group of widows was trained by one Pauline Ngigi who is a member of the group that had attended my workshop and they are doing very well. After making soap they started a tree planting project at the Church where they meet, which has also continued to help them.

(b)   At an individual level another member of the same workshop specialized on soap making and the last time we met she wanted to start up a business of selling the chemicals and ingredients used in soap making to women whom she also trained in Baragoi Parish.


The communities around those who make the soap also benefit as they do not go to town to buy soap. In my case I can hardly remember the cost of Omo since 2008. My family will always remind me that there is no soap as they also enjoy using it. My daughters are also able to make the soap which has been of great benefit to them too.

  1. I have individually benefit from the screen printing skill as welll as the department of Mother’s Union at my church. I do print the Mother’s Union headscarfs for them which we used to purchase from Nairobi. As I said, this has been an eye opener, and as a result of the huge amount of work required in screen printing, I do not do it personally, but I enjoy someone else do it for me. I am therefore creating employment opportunities. To date, I have printed four hundred and twenty scarfs, and I currently have another order of three hundred and thirty headscarfs. I must thank God for this opening that he has granted me.
  2. Challenges are inevitable in most things that we do in life. There has been challenges here and there. I had initially progressed with the soap making and was able to supply it in many hotels in Nyahururu, but many people got the skill saturating the market which was not all that good. I also wanted to register with the Kenya Bureau of Standards so that I would be able to reach a larger market, but then the process was complicated and expensive. I therefore make the soap for family use only. However, with the little money that I got from the soap making, I was able to switch to Green House Farming which has kept me very busy.
  3. In conclusion, I would recommend that many more women be empowered with the skills. If possible, the NCCK should help in marketing process of the products procuded by the trainees.

Long Live the NCCK and all the donors to the organization.


George Ouma Otieno

NAME:                       George Ouma OtienoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

CONSTITUENCY:          Gilgil

DATE:                        15th November, 2013


a)     Group Members – The Global Fund Round 7 and NCCK

This project has assisted the GYSDC group by bringing the implementation cohesiveness in group participation, research of information and commitment of advocacy through different methodologies which have been received from different facilitators.  The project has further enhanced the group members and the youths reached with the vast knowledge in decision making and the choice of future.


b)     Thanks to NCCK for providing GYSDC on opportunity to implement the project and as to the vision of GYSDC.  This has made the group to go a further step by mainly reaching the youths in sport within Gilgil by providing the group with refreshment allowance, communication and the venue allowances which showed transparency in handling the project. NCCK under the Daniel, Esther and Ruth have been so youth friendly in handling issues of effects effectively.


c)      Project implementers and the beneficiaries voluntarily worked and agreed in behavior change.  This project as to the GYSDC number of youths reached since its inception has reached more than 800 youths with different behavior change information through the advocacy.  The use of condom and further in addition the peer pressure and drug substance abuse.


d)     GYSDC through the clubs leaders the captains has become more informed with HIV/AIDs behavior change communication and in this relevance they assist in advocating through their clubs during the training sessions to pass the information and create discussion day to exchange ideas for their positive life change for future.


e)     GYSDC plan for the future in case of getting a new donor or support is to capacity build the youths in sports official with more skills in facilitation and facilitation skills for future sustainability.  To conduct or organize sports tournament so as to reach more youths with behavior change informations.  The youths can now assist other youths in doing referrals to relevant medical institutions.


f)        The group GYSDC requests NCCK to link and network with other organization of like projects to assist the GYSDC requests NCCK to link and network with other organization of like projects to assist the GYSDC for further sustainability and group members retention.


g)     The only reference NCCK has not achieved is the promise of establishment of a youth resource centre which has been our vision as a centre which shall assist youths in sports in getting and giving their shared information from different working parameters and this line GYSDC is ready to run the centre if opportunity arises.


Lastly youths in sports are youths at risk in relation to HIV/AIDs STI’s and other health hazard issues due to their nature of sports and therefore they need day to day counseling.  NCCK Thanks Global Fund Thanks.


George Kiboi

NAME:                                George Kiboi

CONSTITUENCY:                Nakuru Town East

DATE:                               19th November, 2013



a)     The prevailing structures were weak and the number was small with very few activities

b)     They provided the group with financial resources, information and opened avenues for more partners through utilization of resource personnel i.e facilitators

c)     The group members changed in terms of behavior changes, communication, and material gain in buying balls/playing uniforms.

-  The members are now a role model in the environs

d)     The group was able to reach youths in school and out of school. 

-        The number of activities has increased i.e conduct more friendly match/more sensitization sessions.

-         Managed to nurture a lot of talents i.e drama and singing

e)     The group has assisted others in terms of

-        We empowered other with information on HIV/AIDS

-        Drugs and substances abuse affects and referring the victims to care support

-        Linkaging with other service providers

f)       – The group intends to maintain its partners

-        To widen our networks

-        The group hopes to engage in proposal writing to youth fund, other charitable organizations

g)     -   The group would like to seek more information from NCCK, advice where necessary

-        Opportunities when available


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