A Rich Heritage

St Paul's United Theological College, Limuru, was founded in 1885 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) with the goal of training men and women for Christian Ministry in Kenya and other East African countries. Its first candidates for the Ministry, Ishmael Semler and William Jones, were ordained deacons by Bishop Hannington in May 1885.

The third conference of the Alliance of Protestant Missions, which took place at Kikuyu in 1922, proposed to establish a "United Missionary College". However, the idea of a Missionary College was abandoned and instead Alliance High School was set up. This provided a basis for the establishment of St Paul's United Theological College in 1955.

Today, St Paul's is owned and managed by the Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Reformed Churches in Kenya and the National Council of Churches of Kenya. Students come from a broad range of Protestant denominations. It is now destined to become an Ecumenical University.

Present Facilities

St Paul's is situated near Limuru town about 30 km west of Nairobi, on the main Nairobi-Limuru Road (A Route). Its central facilities include a two storey modern library, a main hall, a chapel, an administrative block, a class room block, a cafeteria and accommodation for 90 single students and 22 students with families. The college is well served with water from a borehole, main electricity and telephones.

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