Our Mission

Our Mission


To transform lives through ecumenism, capacity building, advocacy and service delivery.


Our Vision2

Our Vision

One Church; United in Faith and Mission Witnessing to Jesus Christ and Transforming Lives.

Our Values2

Our Values

In pursuing its Christian calling, the Council shall uphold:

  • Integrity through accountability and transparency;
  • Stewardship through sound resource management;
  • Professionalism through competence and efficiency;
  • Partnership by collaborating with others;
  • Servant-hood through fair and humble service.
Mission & Vision

 hurumaa 2

Mr. Joseph Keverenge (Right) Dr. Mwamlolwe Warrakah (Center) and Dr. Charles Maringo (Left)exchange views during the induction.

Plans to streamline the operations of Jumuia Hospitals Ltd. are now on course. This follows the successful recruitment of Mr. Joseph Sormie Keverenge as the chain’s Head of Finance and Administration.

The month-long competitive exercise was conducted by the National Council of Churches of Kenya’s Finance and Administration Committee (FAC). The 44-year old father of 3 is a graduate of United States International University (Masters in Business Administration, Finance) and The University of Nairobi (Bachelor of Commerce).

He was formally introduced at Jumuia Conference and Country Home Limuru, during the just concluded Executive Committee Meeting, which is the second highest policy organ of the Council after the General Assembly. Mr. Keverenge brings on board a wealth of experience having worked with other established health facilities in the country, among them Karen and A.I.C Kijabe hospitals, where he is credited for various achievements.

He will be expected to team up with Dr. Charles Maringo (Jumuia Hospitals’ Medical Administrator/Physician), renowned surgeon Dr. Warrakah Mwamlole (Head of Clinical Services at Jumuia Hospitals) and Mr. Mbaabu Barine (Senior Administrative Officer, Jumuia Huruma) with a view to fully operationalizing the facilities in line with Jumuia Hospitals’ mission of providing a comprehensive range of accessible, affordable, high quality and integrated Christ-centered healthcare for all.

NCCK General Secretary Reverend Canon Peter Karanja who spoke during Mr. Keverenge’s induction cum tour of Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi and Jumuia Hospital Huruma, pointed out that the mandate for the new leadership was already cut out. “NCCK cannot afford to have units that are disjointed. The services we give at Jumuia Hospitals must be distinct. Our quality must speak for itself. Hospitals do not get a reputation for services but outcomes. Patients tell each other where to get quality service based on the reputation,” said Canon Karanja, who was also accompanied by his deputy Dr. Nelson Makanda and Human Resource Manager Ms. Catherine Kamau.

He added that: “The next phase will be innovations. I hope you will treat patients well and give them confidence. The future of healthcare delivery in Kenya is integration. There will be better clinical outcomes in future from nutrition.”

Outlining his expectations, Canon Karanja called on staff of Jumuia Hospitals to support the new leadership under Mr. Keverenge aimed at achieving outlined objectives. “Let us pitch higher. I am looking for a coherent, central model operation. I am looking for unequivocal high standard of stewardship. I am looking for systems and critical networks that deliver. Maringo and Warrakah, you are really the standards custodians. Everyone of you is an answer to prayer. We prayed that the Lord will bring around people who have a sense of quality. Quality and standards mean that the outcomes we produce must transform lives. We want to walk with you in your self-actualization,” he assured staff.

Huruma 1

NCCK General Secretary Rev. Canon Peter Karanja is flanked by Jumuia Hospitals Management in a group photo during the induction of Mr. Joseph Keverenge.

In his maiden address, Mr Keverenge underscored the importance of teamwork, appealing to staff to pull together for a common vision. “I am very delighted to join you. We shall expect a lot from you. We would like to see that our vision and mission are kept alive. We are the people to determine the future of Jumuia Hospitals. You are the people who will help us deliver. The only evidence of life is growth. I will bank on all of you and everyone and we must all seek to understand our role and expectations. We will work together to develop our standard operating procedures,” said Keverenge.

There were light moments during the process when some of the staff wanted to know what the new head does when he is angry. “Well sometimes I would bang tables, but I don’t lose my cool, because an angry man cannot stop the rising of the sun.” he responded.

On their part Dr. Maringo and Dr. Warrakah welcomed and assured to support Mr. Keverenge. “We are excited to have you join the team. It is exciting to have the summary of your CV. Hospital Management is complex. With the kind of investment here, it is important to focus on how to recoup and grow. You have very open minded people here, we listen and at times argue at the same time. But ultimately we make decisions that ensure we deliver,” observed Dr. Maringo.

The NCCK through its special purpose vehicle, the Jumuia Hospitals Limited, is implementing a 20-year business plan to establish a chain of hospitals built on the principles of accessibility, high quality and affordability doting multiple locations in Kenya.

This investment is at all levels of healthcare, namely, primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The apex of Jumuia hospitals will be the 500-bed super-specialty teaching and referral hospital in the environs Limuru. This shall be the ultimate referral centre for all Jumuia and other hospitals in the region. This will ensure that the hospitals are able to deliver healthcare solutions at every level.

      Currently the Council is gearing up for the official opening of the newly built 175-bed Jumuia Hospital Huruma which shall be a comprehensive multi-specialty hospital. This follows the successful launch of the newly refurbished 100-bed Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi, last year. The facility has modern state-of-the-art medical equipment, two operating theatres and a nine bed ICU, ranked at the moment as the only high capacity operational ICU in the western region of Kenya. In addition, the hospital is equipped with a 16 slice CT scan.

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