The East African Development Bank places a great emphasis on the sustainable economic and social transformation of East African citizens with health being one of the key priority.

To help us achieve the goal of improved healthcare in the region, we realized that our interests and those of the National Council of Churches of Kenya were similar. This informed the base for our partnership with them on investment in Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi aimed at fostering improved health services across the country.

We have since progressed on our objectives as an institution in view of the wider scope around Jumuia Friends Kaimosi which is now up and running. We looked at the zone around Kaimosi and realised that within a 200 kilometre radius, there was no facility to serve the communities therefore Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi became a critical pillar of our intervention. Together with the NCCK, we have engaged and incorporated the community in the development of the hospital with a lot of input coming from professionals within the medical industry especially around Kaimosi.

Both the NCCK and the Bank are looking at this as a long-term relationship where we are hoping to undertake a number of other projects within the country that have a social impact on the common mwananchi. The Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi has started off as a modest facility and we are looking forward to improving it further with indications showing that more medical facilities will be required to make it fully functional. Some of the critical components we are looking at is the creation of a teaching and referral section within Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi.

Other than this project, EADB is happy to note the developments at Jumuia Hospital Huruma which is nearing completion. We reckon that this will have a major impact in terms of revolutionizing health provision in the region once it is up and running.

The health sector is important to all players hence we try to consult all of them including government to see how our involvement will complement their various initiatives.

It is our conviction as EADB that Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi will compliment the work of existing government facilities in the region including Kisumu, Kakamega, the Eldoret Referral Hospital as well as Busia.

We welcome the general public to fully embrace this initiative which we consider an answer to the ever pressing medical needs. God bless you all!