The Jumuia Hospitals chain is adopting the Indian model where medical costs are 25 percent or less as compared to Kenya. Our model is based on micro-insurance, micro-finance and provision of financially sustainable healthcare which will potentially change the medical landscape in Kenya.

Through this investment, we are communicating to Kenyans, that their challenges of accessing affordable and high quality healthcare services will soon begin to be mitigated. Their healthcare is a priority for us as the NCCK and Jumuia Hospitals is our special vehicle for meeting that need.

Our commitment to you is that, when you consider Jumuia Hospitals, you will experience a new approach towards accessibility and cost of healthcare because of the wide footprint of health facilities spread across the country. We commit to clinical outcomes that are normal in the global context as the norm in the experience of the patients who come to these NCCK.

This development is inspired by the vision agreed by the Church at a meeting in Jumuia Conference and Beach Resort, Kanamai following the passage of the new constitution that it must now invest in education, health, financial institutions and other social investments. NCCK seeks therefore in entering in health to set a pace in re-engagement at a much higher and strategic level so that in days to come, the church may once again set the pace in service delivery.

As we continue with Huruma, Embu and Limuru projects; each hospital, we look forward to being your true partner in health care. We promise a first class and world-class service, that is affordable where you can take your relatives and expect to have an outcome that is consistent with the current levels of world-class medicine anywhere else in the world!