Our Mission

Our Mission


To transform lives through ecumenism, capacity building, advocacy and service delivery.


Our Vision2

Our Vision

One Church; United in Faith and Mission Witnessing to Jesus Christ and Transforming Lives.

Our Values2

Our Values

In pursuing its Christian calling, the Council shall uphold:

  • Integrity through accountability and transparency;
  • Stewardship through sound resource management;
  • Professionalism through competence and efficiency;
  • Partnership by collaborating with others;
  • Servant-hood through fair and humble service.
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NCCK General Secretary Reverend Canon Peter Karanja is flanked by members of the Dialogue Reference Group during a press conference on peaceful, credible 2017 General Election at the ACK Guest House



The Dialogue Reference Group (DRG) of the Multi Sectoral Forum has held its bi-weekly status review meeting here at ACK Guest House, Nairobi. In our reflections, we are inspired by the message of Galatians 5: 22 – “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control”. We appreciate that these are the primary character traits that we would wish to find in all Kenyans and moreso in the individuals seeking public office. In this regard, we wish to share the following message with the nation.

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 stipulates in Article 38 (1) (c) that “Every citizen is free to make political choices, which include the right – to campaign for a political party or cause”. We appreciate that the campaigns for the 8th August elections are picking up, and there is now a massive influx of political messages and propaganda.
We therefore urge all Kenyans to seek wisdom to decipher the utterances made by candidates and their supporters, so as to separate policy statements from propaganda. It will be very unfortunate for our nation if we elect leaders on the basis of who can utter the most emotive propaganda. We urge every voter to set their minds to elect individuals who have the character traits of integrity, ethics, good morals, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.
On their part, we call upon all candidates to exercise self control during their campaigns. It is of absolute importance that no one should put the stability and peace of Kenya at risk by the propaganda they choose to engage in.
Of special note is that we urge candidates and their supporters to desist from making utterances that are intended to disparage the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). We call upon all actors to support the IEBC to deliver on its mandate.


The Constitution of Kenya 2010 stipulates in Article 38 (2) that “Every citizen has the right to free, fair and regular elections based on universal suffrage and the free expression of the will of electors”. We therefore continue to call upon the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and other state agencies to endeavour to deliver credible, peaceful, free and fair elections on 8th August 2017. We nonetheless recognize that there are a few cardinal issues that require to be addressed to reassure Kenyans that the elections will be credible and well managed. These include:

a) Voters’ Register
The Voter Register Audit exercise ended, and Kenyans were informed that the final register will be released on 11th July, less than a month to the elections. This Dialogue Reference Group calls upon the IEBC to constantly appraise and communicate with Kenyans on the cleaning up exercise so that they are aware and supportive. We especially urge the IEBC to reinstate the mobile-phone based voter registration verification service. This will ensure that the final register is acceptable to all Kenyans.

b) Procurement of electoral materials
Recognizably, the IEBC is constitutionally mandated to manage the elections, which includes procurement of all the materials required for the exercise. We have taken note of the concerns raised regarding the procurement of the ballot papers. It is our call upon all concerned parties to learn from the recent past where numerous concerns regarding the electoral process were addressed through the courts of law and not on the streets. The persistent delay in resolving the controversy around the procurement of ballot papers is dangerous and unless a party is willing to go to court and secure a directive to the contrary, IEBC should be left to implement the national elections timetable.
This notwithstanding, we urge that the IEBC engages in dialogue with all concerned parties to bring this matter to a close, and this Dialogue Reference Group is available to assist so that amicable solutions are agreed upon.

c) Parallel Tallying and Announcement of Results
The Constitution of Kenya 2010 in Article 86 vests the responsibility of counting, tallying and announcing elections results on the IEBC. This Dialogue Reference Group affirms the right of political and any other formations to tally the results but points out that these are internal processes that should not engage the public at any time. The Kenyan public will go by the results announced by the IEBC, which are subject to being challenged in court where private tallies can be brought as evidence.

d) Peace During Elections
This Dialogue Reference Group strongly observes that peace around elections is not a gift from politicians but the constitutional and legal right of all Kenyans. The law enforcement agencies thus have a responsibility to protect every Kenyan, their lives and property without fear or favour. Any politicians who expressly incite their supporters against other Kenyans should be arraigned in court and subjected to the legal penalties that go with it. While we appreciate that dialogue is important in the promotion of peace and cohesion in the country, we restate that the rule of law should be observed by all Kenyans.

e) Candidates with Integrity Questions
This DRG notes that the IEBC received a record of integrity concerns regarding specific candidates from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC). However, the IEBC went ahead and cleared the same individuals to contest for positions in the coming elections. We find this to be a huge setback on the war against corruption. However, we do not give up, and appeal to you Kenyans: Make use of your ballot by voting out every person who has integrity questions on their character.

f) Violation of Electoral Laws
This Dialogue Reference Group has noted that there is rampant violation of electoral laws and more specifically the Code of Conduct. This denotes a strong failure on the part of the IEBC to enforce the law as it is today. Kenyans are waiting for the IEBC and the law enforcement agencies to implement their mandates by bringing to justice any and all individuals found to be breaching the electoral law. Such will go a long way in assuring Kenyans that the elections will be credible.

In conclusion, we commend all Kenyans for their commitment to peace and good neighbourliness. Let us carry this character trait always so that we have peace before, during and after the 8th August 2017 elections. Let us all commit to pray for this process, and especially for the IEBC so that God enables them to deliver credible, peaceful, free and fair elections.

May God bless Kenya now and always.

Signed on this 21st day of June 2017 at ACK Guest House, Nairobi.

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