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At least 30 participants have undergone a 2-week training aimed at equipping them with knowledge and skills so as to confidently facilitate communities to reach informed decisions and alleviate poverty. The training was conducted in Mombasa under Church and Community Mobilization Project (CCMP).

During the training, participants acquired vital skills regarding facilitation of CCMP since the last phase. They were specifically introduced to decision making and scaling up of CCMP in new areas.

In addition, participants were taught on how to be proficient in facilitating the church and community to determine solutions to problems identified during analysis, and plan on how to implement the decisions made to address issues.

The training was also attended by NCCK’s Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Alice Mutile and a host of Council regional staff.

Mutile who spoke to Jumuia news said that through CCMP, communities across the country had been transformed with people now taking development seriously. “They are now able to mobilize resources at community level and cater for their needs without depending on donor funding,” she said.

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She added that this was the last CCMP training hence participants will be required to put up M&E structures in their respective areas and endeavour to understand what is expected of them. It was initiated by the Council in conjunction with her development partners Tear Fund.

There are currently 35 facilitators working with the Council to scale up the programme among her member churches. CCMP model empowers churches to have a vision for community engagement.