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The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has been awarded for her tremendous contribution to the prevention, treatment and care of HIV/AIDs in Nairobi County. The award by the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Kenya Programme, was given to Huruma clinic, under the Partnership for Advanced Care and Treatment (PACT).

The clinic that also offers promotive, preventive and curative services, has been operated by the Council since 1970’s.

PACT was a 5-year cooperative agreement with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. In 2011, The University of Maryland entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Health and selected sites where it started HIV care services. NCCK Huruma clinic was among the sites that were selected, with University of Maryland supporting the clinic with staff.

Speaking to Jumuia News, Huruma Clinics Coordinator Mbaabu Barine said over 26 thousands patients living with HIV had so far been reached. “These were reached through the HIV comprehensive care services, TB services and HIV testing and counseling services,” said Barine.

He added that the programme had helped in transforming lives of many patients in our catchment area and beyond. He listed equipment which have helped in quality care of patients, capacity building of staff that has helped in enhancing professionalism and quality of care as some of the key benefits. “The program has helped in enhancing networking with other partners in order to foster holistic approach to patients care,” he observed.

On her part NCCK’s Programme Officer for Health and Education Imelda Namayi, said: “The partnership with the University of Maryland has enabled us to offer quality comprehensive care to HIV patients which is critical in improving the lives of people living with HIV. As the PACT grant comes to an end on 29th September 2016, we seek partnership with the same institution to implement PACT Endeleza to enable us continue offering continuum of care for the HIV patients in the program.”

This comes even as the construction work for a 140-bed capacity Jumuia Hospital Huruma continues, following last year’s ground-breaking ceremony. Once complete, Jumuia Huruma will be the second such facility under Jumuia Hospital chain.